The Best Day Ever

Children - Christian
48 Pages
Reviewed on 03/11/2024
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Author Biography

K.D. McPhilllips lives with her husband of 50 years. She has two adult children and 8 grandchildren. She's involved with her family and is active in her church.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Emma Megan for Readers' Favorite

The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips is a Christian children's book about believing in yourself and acceptance for children of all ages. It follows Chris as he tries to accept that he and his mother have had to move for the third time in the last two years. Chris never found it easy to start over, yet his mother promised him this would be the last time. However, Chris has a hard time trying to fit in with other children and needs help. One day, while strumming his guitar in his new garage, feeling sad and alone, he is trapped with a skunk. Chris learns that the skunk can talk, and his name is Jay. Fortunately for Chris, Jay understands his struggles and invites him to visit his home and meet his family. Chris is transported into a beautiful garden with many wonderful animals that are about to teach him important life lessons.

The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips is a must-read for every child and parent, not just Christians. It's a tool for character development. It contains valuable lessons about friendship, self-discovery, compassion, embracing uniqueness, and creating lasting connections. This inspirational story shows how beautiful it is to be loved and respected for who you are. It helps kids navigate the challenges of change and new experiences. The writing is heartwarming and easy for young readers to follow. This sweet and engaging read will leave a lasting impression on young hearts and minds. Chris and his adorable new friends invite all readers, young and old, to be proud of who they are, recognize their value, and accept others as they are.

Anne-Marie Reynolds

In The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips, Chris is unhappy that he and his mom have moved to a new place – the third time in two years – and he is struggling to fit in. One day, he comes face-to-face with a skunk, and to his amazement, he discovers it can speak. Jay, the skunk, knows that Chris is struggling and invites him to meet his family. Chris steps into a magical world full of talking animals, including Joshua, the lion, and Ruth, the turtle. They've lived in the garden for years and they become Chris's mentors for the day. What will Chris learn in this wonderful, magical place? And what will he do when he meets the greatest creator of all time?

The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips is a Christian children's story, and it's fun to read. It's a magical story about a boy who struggles to fit in, but his new mentors, Ruth and Joshua, teach him about acceptance. The teachings of Jesus shine through and the story emphasizes that no one should have to change to fit in with others. Chris learns that people who expect him to change to fit in with them are not true friends, and he will always be unhappy. The story also teaches that criticism and judgment are not good traits and have no place in Jesus's world. This is a lovely story, and there is much for kids and adults to learn here. Highly recommended for kids of all ages. This is one book they'll read over and over again. Through the magical world of talking animals, they'll learn about how to be in life – and how not to be.

Philip Van Heusen

Have you ever had to start over? Most people have, and it is especially hard for children and teens when it involves a move. In The Best Day Ever, K. D. McPhillips shares the story of Chris, who has to start over for the third time in two years. Making new friends in new places is very difficult. One day, a skunk walks in while Chris is sad and strumming his guitar in his garage. Chris is taken aback, but then the skunk talks to him, assuring Chris that he won’t spray him. Of course, Chris is hesitant until Jay—the skunk—reminds him to breathe. Jay invites Chris to his home, which is a wonderful garden with animals of all types living in peace with each other. Join Chris as he explores the wonderful garden, teaches the animals to line dance, and learns important life lessons from them. You will enjoy this book and the beauty of God’s perfect creation.

K. D. McPhillips loves God, peace, and self-confidence. She also loves helping others as is seen in The Best Day Ever. One of the best ways to make friends is to be yourself and help others by accepting and encouraging them. These messages come through loud and clear without being preachy. The author writes in an easy-to-read, entertaining style that will keep your child’s attention and is appropriate for ages six through the teen years. The main character of this story learns that we need to accept people the way they are and never try to change them. He also learns to accept himself as he is. Your child will learn lessons that will equip them for life. I highly recommend this book to help any young person in their pursuit of friends and discovering who they are.

Edith Wairimu

An empowering story that will transport young readers to an enchanting place, The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips explores a young boy’s struggles and the lessons he learns as he adjusts to a new school. The thought of moving to another school and neighborhood, and having to start all over again makes Chris sad. In his current school, he has many friends and is quite popular. However, his mother has been offered a great promotion and the family will have to move to a new place. Chris’s new school is nothing like his last school. His attempts at joining the cool kids’ group have been futile and he misses his old friends. One day, he encounters a talking skunk who takes him to a wonderful place where he learns valuable lessons about true friendship.

This remarkable story will teach children how to identify true friends and form lasting friendships, some of the most important lessons youngsters need to learn. They will also learn how to show empathy and understanding to others. Chris will encourage children to expand their imaginations, discover new places, and enjoy the company of amazing friends. McPhillips writes in accessible language and includes clear, engaging drawings that will help children understand the story. I loved the animals featured and was fascinated by the fun activities the characters enjoy in the magical forest. The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips takes readers on a thrilling, unforgettable adventure with funny characters and essential lessons. It is a splendid read with important takeaways for young and adult readers.

Delene Vrey

The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips tells the story of Chris, who has once again had to move to a new town and school. As Chris contemplates the dynamics at his new school, his neighbor's daughter approaches him. He does not want to associate with her as he fears that he may be ostracized as she was. He quickly closes the garage door but notices a skunk in there with him. He is even more freaked out when the skunk starts to speak to him. Unsure of what is going on, he opens the door again, but now his yard is gone, and in its place is a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of animals. As Chris meets the animals, he is taught important lessons on how to treat others, accept people for who they are, and be a good friend. Chris had the best day ever, singing and dancing with the animals, feeling what acceptance feels like, and encouraging him to show acceptance to others as well.

The Best Day Ever by K.D. McPhillips is a clear and honest Christian children's book, teaching how we were all made different and that we must not judge others but accept their flaws. The author uses a fable to convey her message by showing how we already have misconceptions about animals and what to expect from them; from the skunk Chris thought would spray him to the bear and crocodile, which can be vicious in the real world but are friendly and accepting in their "garden." In a time when everyone is taught to accept all and not judge anyone, I think it is necessary to have a Christian children's book that teaches biblical truth about acceptance in a normal Christian world. Ultimately, the message is that Christ made you with all your quirks and talents. You are special and need not pretend to be something you are not. By being what Jesus created you to be, lasting and meaningful relationships will be formed, enriching your life. This is a wonderful way of teaching children about Christian self-acceptance and unconditional love.