The Darkest Side of the Moon

Young Adult - Fantasy - General
332 Pages
Reviewed on 03/11/2023
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Author Biography

M. C. Ryder has been composing stories, poems, and lyrics from the beginning of time when reading became a hobby. The sky is the limit but enjoys exploring the beaten path both figuratively and literally. Resides in the Keystone State with a clowder of felines who rule the house. Enjoys long trail walks during the cozy tinge of Autumn, appreciates music with deep lyrical meaning, and relishes in reading a variety of genres.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

The Darkest Side of the Moon by M.C. Ryder is a young adult paranormal tale about Nadine Drexel who wants to get high school over and done with even though she has no plans for her future. Nadine is a laid-back student who doesn’t go with the flow. Why not? Only dead fish go with the flow. Thrills, danger, and excitement, however, seem to find their way to those not seeking them. Nadine's life takes an unexpected turn when Vinson Weber comes along. Vince is the type that most girls at school swoon over, and this includes Nadine’s best friend, yet Vince is drawn to the one girl who finds him unimpressive. Nadine is about to get caught up in an age-old war in a time when there were two types of magic. As an old blood feud is rekindled between vampires and man-wolves, will Nadine be able to do something about it?

The Darkest Side of the Moon is readable and entertaining, written from Nadine’s point of view with a tone that has chutzpah and a touch of cynicism that reflects Nadine’s personality. Her unusual way of looking at things as they unfold makes the plot a page-turner. M.C. Ryder keeps it light, mixing elements of horror with romance and comedy. Nadine's path from high school introvert to heroine delivers an edge where Nadine seems unfazed at witnessing the bizarre events taking place around her. If you’re in the mood for a lightweight paranormal horror with a feel-good trajectory for vampires and werewolves, Ryder is going to take you for a joy ride.