The Marketing Fallacy

How Any Small Business Can Look Like A Large Corporation, Without The Large Costs

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 10/14/2020
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    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

The Marketing Fallacy: How Any Small Business Can Look Like A Large Corporation, Without The Large Costs is a work of non-fiction concerning business, marketing and finances, and was penned by author Joshua Littlejohn. As the thorough subtitle informs us, this concise yet highly educational guidebook covers the core principles of marketing so that any business, no matter its size, can achieve a competitive edge on a much wider scale by marketing like a larger corporation. The work discusses the author’s own experiences and successes in this field and explores how a modest and achievable business budget can be best used, with the right expert know-how, to achieve much larger results.

Author Joshua Littlejohn brings a wealth of experience to the table in this informative work. In terms of organization and layout, I really enjoyed the fact that the book gets straight to the point and gives clear information, but that it is also organized into stages that build your knowledge base so that nothing ever becomes confusing or too much at once. It’s also really easy to refer back to key principles as and when you need them because of the formatting. Littlejohn’s narrative style gives clarity with good explanations for any industry terms or jargon, but there’s also such an air of positivity and motivation to the text that it really inspires you to believe you can do it too. Adding to this are the personal touches and the true story of success. I would totally recommend The Marketing Fallacy to anyone aspiring to achieve big business on a small budget.