The SATAN Gene

A Thriller

Fiction - Thriller - Conspiracy
560 Pages
Reviewed on 01/11/2022
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Author Biography

D.W. Eamer's first thriller, The SATAN Gene, is for lovers of conspiracy theories, secret codes, Catholic intrigue, and tantalizing blends of fact and fiction. He lives in Québec, Canada.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lex Allen for Readers' Favorite

In D.W. Eamer's The Satan Gene, a modern-day deep state European group with mysterious historical roots dating back before the time of Jesus Christ is urgently bent on implementing a diabolical crime against humanity. This is in order to fulfill a two-thousand-year-old biblical prophecy giving them the power to become the divinely chosen monarchs, ruled by a supreme god-man king on earth. A man whose real-life persona will shock many prospective readers—for the religious astute, a foregone conclusion.

The Satan Gene is the epitome of what book publishers today label an "upmarket" novel—simply put, a combination of literary fiction and commercial thriller novel. Undoubtedly, many readers of this book will compare it to Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code and that would not be inaccurate. Personally, though, I would compare The Satan Gene to the more literary works of Umberto Eco, particularly his novel Foucault’s Pendulum published in 1988. Deep-seated esoteric conspiracy theories come together with biblical verse interpretation, real governmental and secret conspiratorial organizations, and historical facts.

Exceptionally well-described locations, the inner workings of governmental agencies, and current leaps in technology provide catalysts for a story that is not only a page-turner but a thought-provoking work of societal urgency. Indeed, current events, especially in the United States, clearly indicate an accelerated effort to insert religiosity into government, public schools, and deterrence for the growing number of disaffected theists losing their religion. And let's not forget characters that are as real as any I've read in fiction, including a viciously psychotic antagonist with zero redeeming qualities. Mr. Eamer's expertise in interweaving verisimilitude in fictional/theoretical scenes and characters is second to none. The Satan Gene is a must-read for fans of Dan Brown, James Rollins, and the aforementioned Umberto Eco.

Steven Robson

The SATAN Gene by D. W. Eamer is an espionage thriller on a frighteningly global scale, where humanity is pushed to the brink of Armageddon. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is at the forefront of a deadly race for supremacy in technological development and warfare, and when one of its researchers unlocks the key to genetic manipulation, an explosive game of shadows is set in motion. In this game, the ultimate goal is ultimate power, and the major players involved in this quest are all very much aware of the stakes; the cost of failure is beyond imagination. The bone-chilling thing about The SATAN Gene is that it is not too difficult to imagine this nightmare may be a possibility; CRISPR technology is a reality and reading The SATAN Gene will definitely leave an indelible imprint on your psyche. This is one book everyone should read.

D. W. Eamer’s The SATAN Gene is an extremely gripping read, with a quality mix of great characters, surprise elements, reference information, and historical facts to satiate the most demanding appetite. The twists within the plot are particularly clever and are revealed at the most effective times within the story; this was sublimely done in the revelation of Abriana’s secret, which took me completely by surprise. In fact, her character was brilliantly crafted, having a duality of personas which made reading her almost impossible from the start. Sicarius was another player of real strength. He was someone who made my skin crawl, evoking powerful emotions, and his relationship with his masters was very real, with pushback happening in both directions. The SATAN Gene was a great adventure I would highly recommend.

Rabia Tanveer

The SATAN Gene: A Thriller by D.W. Eamer is a conspiracy thriller novel that will make you read deep into the night. A scientist (Dr. Palmer) has been killed by a deranged killer who believes he is a direct descendant of ancient assassins that existed millennia ago. Dr. Palmer was a government scientist who left codes and clues behind that lead to different components of a military genetics program that was stolen. However, figuring out the clues and codes is not easy, and Dr. Palmer made sure that the components would never fall into the hands of the wrong people. But, finding these components is important, which is why Abriana (a quantum biology doctoral student) is asked by her professor to find Gareth Blackwell in Boston, trust no one and protect the seals. Before she knew it, Abriana and Gareth were racing against time to protect humanity from a madman and impending doom. Why do these dangerous men want these hidden components? What would happen if they fell into the wrong hands?

Fast-paced and packed with intense action, The SATAN Gene unfolds at a break-neck speed without being overwhelming. The story is very interesting, and the sharp, short chapters are the perfect way to keep the attention of readers on the plot. I loved how the author opened the story and matched the pace from there until the end. Abriana is simple yet insanely intelligent. She knew how to crack the code (so to say), follow the clues, and make sense of the mystery that baffled her. Gareth was helpful, but the real star of the story was Abriana. The descriptions are on point, the narrative is powerful, and the dialogues are revealing. The story is complex in all the right ways, the author did a fantastic job with world-building, and the mystery element is remarkably well-handled. Incredibly rich, detailed, and entertaining!