They Call Me The Cobra

They Call Me The Cobra

Fiction - Action
108 Pages
Reviewed on 10/14/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite

The writing style of They Call Me The Cobra by Benson Grayson is most unusual. But so are the plot lines and the protagonist, Dr. Rahmani; so much so that readers won’t expect this action novel to grab them the way it does. Dr. Rahmani is a university professor living with his wife and young child in North Africa, following a revolution there. When he makes the mistake of publicly criticizing the corruption and torture tactics used by the the party’s Secret Police, he is summoned by a furious President Boukram and faces immediate death. With his life, and that of his family, on the line, Dr. Rahmani tells the president that he is the best friend Boukram has, and that he would be seen as even more foolish than he is at present if he executed Rahmani. Dr. Rahmani’s logic gives the president pause for thought: in a quick decision, he makes Dr. Rahmani head of the Secret Police and gives him three months to improve the situation. It’s a challenge Dr. Rahmani is forced to accept or die. He accepts and, by doing so, loses his wife who moves back to Paris with his daughter. Just as well, given what lies ahead for Dr. Rahmani in his new and dangerous job.

What unfolds in this novel, as Dr. Rahmani faces one challenge after another with logical reasoning and cunning, will keep readers riveted. Unexpectedly, the time span and action in They Call Me The Cobra covers decades. By the time this intriguing story ends, Dr. Rahmani’s daughter is a grown woman and Dr. Rahmani has discovered a side of himself he would never have believed he had. He is, indeed, a cobra. Benson Grayson is the author of six books and has more than 25 years experience in intelligence operations. His writing reflects that experience. His work as a reporter enables him to get to the meat of a story and deliver it quickly, but one almost senses him smiling as he writes. He’s enjoying his story and we enjoy it with him. Good stuff, but decidedly different!