You're Getting Married Soon...

Now What? (Now What? Series)

Non-Fiction - Relationships
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Reviewed on 08/14/2015
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Author Biography

Eeva Lancaster is a Freelance Writer, Editor, Author and Book Designer. She's a book lover in every sense of the word. Her love affair with books started at a very young age, and it's no surprise that her career now is centered on writing and Books.

Prior to her writing career, she was a C Level Executive Assistant for 6 years. It was only this year that she decided to freelance and write full time.

When she's not busy writing or helping authors create and market beautiful books, Eeva loves to snorkel and laze by the beach, or go on road trips with her husband. But she can be perfectly happy staying at home with a good book or spending days on TV series marathons.

For now, most of her books are in the Non-Fiction genre. Writing is her way of conversing with her readers... sharing life experiences and points of view. With an opinionated voice and a restless inquisitive mind, you can expect many books from Eeva in the years to come.

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    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

You're Getting Married Soon... Now What? (Now What? Series) by Eeva Lancaster speaks about relationships. The book raises a lot of questions about the practicalities of making a commitment and living together after marriage. No event in life can be more celebrated than marriage and, as one looks at the tears and trails of broken hearts, it's more and more obvious that finding the right partner is not an easy task. And many times failed expectations can kill love and end marriages. The book is ideal for all those couples who are getting ready to embark on marriage and also for all those who are looking to improve their marriage.

The author reaches out to couples with some interesting and useful tips, and advice on how to improve and better their relationships. The questions asked on each topic are helpful to readers to look into their relationships, sit down and discuss, and make decisions without hurting each other. The book is a great tool in creating happy marriages and also useful in knowing partners better. It's easy to comprehend and apply what the author has shared.

The book reiterates the fact that marriage is not easy and one needs to constantly work upon it to have a fruitful and long lasting relationship. It's a great book that can be given to couples who are planning to get engaged or married, and is also good for marriage counselors to use while counseling unhappy couples.

Susan Johnson

This book is an easy to read guide to topics that every couple considering marriage should discuss. The book is written in a non-judgmental way, with easy to relate to examples. The author not only talks about topics that need to be discussed but why and how to discuss certain sensitive topics. I would highly recommend this book to any couple who are seeking marriage or a long term commitment. It would even make a great gift to give a couple at their engagement party. What better gift than the chance of a strong, committed marriage?

Carol Trausen

Eeva Lancaster's book, You're Getting Married Soon...Now What? is a smart, practical guide to the questions and situations that most married couples will face. Ms Lancaster urges open, clear communication on such varied topics as money matters, division of labor or chores in the home, jobs, children, and even your sex life. For those who are unsure of where to begin she provides a excellent list of questions on each topic that are sure to spark a healthy discussion, all in a non-judgmental, friendly tone. I have been married for twenty-five years and it's nice to see a practical guide to "being married," that's not just about flower arrangements and bridal gowns. Thanks Eeva!

Barbara Land

You’re Getting Married Soon … Now What? by Eeva Lancaster takes a thoughtful look into married life before the event begins, which really is the most practical time to start examining the coming challenges. The problem, as Ms Lancaster astutely points out, is that most couples don’t really know what’s coming and therefore, have no way to choose a path that will lead to success (or at least give one a fighting chance to get there).

This volume handily covers the most common events that can cause problems in a marriage if not navigated wisely: keeping the lines of communication open, bedroom matters (and things that happen in the bedroom do matter!), starting a family, and issues surrounding money. Ms Lancaster offers practical, down to earth advice based on her own marital life experience as if she were having a conversation with her reader rather than conducting a lecture. Her writing style makes the text engaging, and the illustrations, both playful and straightforward, also help to break up the text into manageable portions that hold the reader’s interest.

I would recommend this book to anyone entering into marriage for the first time who is working to set themselves up for success.

Ava Coffier

Eeva breaks down the conversations that should be discussed before enduring the life-long commitment of marriage. There is a lot involved in marriage and understanding what you are committing to is a huge part of determining success.

From the simple everyday hassles, to uncomfortable topics, Eeva provides advice to approach the problem efficiently. The theme of this book is communication, and that is a huge part of what keeps a marriage strong. The topics were diverse and real, because sometimes it’s the little things and being upfront about expectations and roles inside the marriage is a great way to avoid conflict.

I loved Eeva’s active voice, it kept me interested and was just long enough to get across a very powerful point without going on and on. Eeva provided very insightful examples to her points that keeps the reader interested and amused. The pictures included were capturing and added character to her points. This book is a definite must-read before tying the knot, especially if you want to avoid a lot of unnecessary fights! Five stars!

T. Lawrence

This book is a brief, useful catalog of concerns pertaining to married life. It is useful for wedded couples as well as those who are still engaged. So, the title is misleading. The author’s purpose is to encourage involved couples to communicate and plan for the lifestyle changes that living as a partnership will bring. She focuses attention on crucial, sometimes uncomfortable, topics. Ms. Lancaster terms these “the elephant in the room”. Subjects discussed include the following:

• Finances
• Living arrangements
• Having children
• Delegation of chores
• Taboo actions
• Annoyances
• Ambitions

This work is a general how-to guide, not an advice column for specific couples. Lifestyles vary. Some of the ideas and situations may not be pertinent to every reader’s relationship. Yet, there are numerous helpful suggestions for every marriage.

Jennifer Senhaji

Anyone in a committed relationship, should read this book. Questions we should all be asking our partners, that give insight into who they are and who they will be in the relationship. A very valuable read, not just for engaged couples. I think an excellent group of topics to discuss with your partner. The goal: to avoid unnecessary conflict and bring you closer together. Yep, even after 15 years of marriage, it's a great reminder that I don't necessarily know everything about my partner. "Honey, can I ask you a few questions?" Enjoy.

Janet Curry

I strongly recommend this book to couples still planning to exchange vows. The author is really showing the real deal when it comes to marriage. It is a fact that marriage is more than just being in love and finding the one. It is also about facing life and the the downsides of it.

Now what would you do if you are in between different struggles and getting to know your partner at the same time? How would you handle your emotions and decision-making without hurting each other? Often times attitudes will come rolling out of nowhere because of discovering negative things from each other. Sitting down and talking about probabilities would sure give direction for both of you as you go on a journey of a life-time together.

Aditi Chopra

I remember buying a plaque of wise words when I got married. After all these years, we still treasure the words on that plaque and refer to them from time to time. Eeva’s book reminded me of that plaque. In her book, author very aptly reminds us all that marriage is not a joke and it should be taken seriously.
This book reads & flows very well and I enjoyed the cute graphics. I particularly related to the concept of “unnamed expectations” and “red buttons”. The questions mentioned in this book are crucial for married couples to ask each other and discuss during their married life.

Adri Sinclair

Curiosity gave me a grin!
Eeva Lancaster address a few very loaded questions with this book, and then proceed to help you out with practical, intelligent reasoning behind it. Having been married myself, for 20 years, I wasn't sure this book would carry much weight - until I read it. We live in a society that can be pretty wasteful, and that includes marriages. This book certainly makes you stop and think about your motives, your ideals, your dreams and then help you put your feet firmly on the ground with realistic, reasonable, intelligent and logical information. If nothing else, it can serve [as it did for me] as a check list in the later years.

Everything from Honeymoon events to The In laws is addressed, and as Eeva said: Don't ignore the writing on the wall, and give your marriage a greater chance of succeeding.

Even if you have been married for a while, I would suggest you still read the book, as it serves a purpose of reminding us why we are in this place, with the person we chose. Some things may STILL have not been discussed with your partner, and Eeva's guidance is solid in showing you why it is important to have the 'heart-to-heart', as she calls it.

What I loved about it, is that Eeva did not ramble or come across 'smug'. She used her own experiences as examples - which are, at times, very candid and a little funny [only because I could relate] but I did not once feel like I am being handed a "Dr. Phil." stage and production. I also enjoyed how Eeva does not come across negatively about traditional practices vs modern practices, and how she highlight the differences in quick, thoughtful summaries where and when applicable.

The book is easy reading, like having a conversation with your best friend. The lay-out is clear, the questions are set out and defined progressively and the suggestions and motivations are sensitively put out by a person [my own conclusion] who's spend time thinking and working through the matters at hand. I particularly wish I had it on hand when I planned my marriage - that last chapter on how to deal with the 'Wedding Jitters' sure would have been super handy!

All in all, for a short, fast read, I closed the book and stared ahead for a few moments with a big smile - Well done Eeva Lancaster, for putting together a simple, easy read filled with care and stability. I am keeping this book on hand for those generations after me [my daughter and her friends] for when they start on the path to their 'Forever Afters'.

Sandra S. Kerns

This is a must read for newly engaged couples, or people thinking about getting engaged. The straight forward advice in a sometimes humorous, sometimes personal tone, keeps you turning pages because it feels like a friend talking to you. Someone you trust, who has maybe been through it themselves. I wish I had a guide like this when I was first thought of marriage. It would have made life so much easier.

S. Hermann

When reading a self help book, one must ask themselves if it achieved the goal it sent out to do. In the case of You're Getting Married Soon, Now What?, it does. The book asks several questions that every couple should discuss before taking the plunge into marriage. From the obvious questions like finances to having children, it also dives into discussions that you might not have thought of. Being married over 25 years I can confirm the questions posed in this book are important and should be talked about.
Now What? is a quick, must read for every couple who are getting ready for their big day. Highly recommended.


Let me say I'm not a fan of relationship books because most of them are misleading, making you think relationship is supposed to be sweet all the time, but this one is definitely different. This book deliver an objective and clear guide in resolving marriage difficulties by communicating. Laying a good foundation for the marriage by talking things through before saying I do. This book presents marriage to you in a realistic way and raises a lot of practical questions.
My only criticism is that marriage is not that simple. While talking and planning before marriage can help and go a long way, it's usually not enough when things get messy. And it will. What usually keep couples strong is staying in love and how much more they are willing to tolerate each other.
All in all, it's a good book. Worth reading

G. S. Bailey

Not being any kind of expert on marriage, it’s hard to say whether the topics addressed in this guide are comprehensive. They strike me as a package of important and useful things to know about your partner. Through open communication, you get to know each other better. I like the notion put forward here, that when you and your partner encounter one of the typical issues in marriage, you will be better equipped to address it if you have built a foundation by having previously discussed it. Sitting down together and opening up about a defined list of difficult and possibly embarrassing topics is obviously a useful exercise in itself – learning to communicate. This makes perfect sense. This book makes perfect sense.

Patricia M. Seitz

For those getting married or newly married and just getting used to your new married life, this is an excellent book to have handy. It's the type of guide that can be read and discussed many times, even after some things have been addressed, since habits, feelings, ideals can change over time. It's a wonderful way to keep the lines of communication open, especially if you have a difficult time getting serious conversations started or don't know what questions to ask and talk about. The author did a great job of including just about any issue that can create problems if you don't talk it out. Get it and keep it!

Carey David Richards

This would be a great book for couples to read who are about to get married. It's a quick read but there is a ton of good down to earth information in it. Many couples don't ask the hard questions and can't see around the romance to get to the foundation of what a long term relationship is all about. The Author helps identify the right questions to ask and more importantly what to do with the answers. I believe the Author is a romantic at heart and after the hard questions are asked she brings it back around to the fact that two people love each other and should really in the end focus on that. Highly recommended for young couple about to take the leap.

Ally McMahon

You're Getting Married Soon... Now What? Is a must have for anyone about to get married. Author Eeva Lancaster delves into the important questions that are necessary for any couple to explore. Couples that avoid such questions until a situation arises may find that they have incompatible viewpoints on important issues. While these questions may be uncomfortable it will set you on the right path for a loving and lasting relationship.

Understanding what role each will take in a marriage lessens the apprehension associated with not knowing and paves the way to a fulfilling relationship. Knowing what your partner is expecting in the bedroom, in regards to having a family, and the responsibility of money ensures no arguments will arise from these hot topics. I highly recommend it and will be giving it to all my friends!

Pandora Spocks

You're Getting Married Soon...Now What? is one volume in Eeva Lancaster's 'Now What?' series. I was particularly interested in this book because my son recently got married and I wish I could have given him and his bride a copy before the wedding.

In You're Getting Married Soon...Now What?, Eeva Lancaster makes the case that while many happily engaged couples spend months or even years planning for the big event, the wedding, their time would be better spent planning for the bigger event, their marriage. Because after all the dust settles and the thank you notes are written, a couple has the rest of their lives together. In a nutshell, her point is that couples who wish to live 'happily ever after' need to clearly communicate realistic expectations for their marriage. She addresses topics such as basic practical concerns that come into play whenever two people live together, sex, family, and money, and each chapter includes a list of pertinent questions for couples to consider and discuss.

The main theme is that couples can take proactive steps to insure a happy and successful marriage by clearly communicating their thoughts, feelings, and expectations regarding the important issues. This is a terrific book for any couple considering marriage, but I also think that it could be used by an already-married couple who would like to grow improve their relationship. I'd definitely recommend this book. It would make a great workbook. Hmm...

Liz Parker

You're Getting Married Soon is a lovely book for newly engaged couples to get them talking about what will make them happy in the long term. It gives you some great topics to discuss and start your journey together with great communication and a good understanding of what is important to you both. The author raises some difficult discussion points and gives you good guidelines on managing what can be difficult situations. A book that gives you a practical pathway for getting to the happy ever after stage of the relationship.

Julie Ann Hacker

How everyone could use such practical advice before getting married. And, this guide even serves double-duty as it is even a good refresher for those who are already married and maybe need a little push to start over in certain areas, or for those who are getting married for the second (or even third) time. Eeva Lancaster's advice and guidance are timeless, very useful and condensed into trinkets of a lifetime of counsel. Definitely recommended for couples who are getting married soon!