A Cold Case

Not All Missing Persons Are Lost

Young Adult - Mystery
410 Pages
Reviewed on 12/17/2015
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Author Biography

Kirk “K.D.” Van Brunt lives and works in Rockville, Maryland, where his day job is lawyering. Kirk is the author of the acclaimed book, Win the Rings, and its sequel, Dance of the Pink Mist.

Little known facts (from the author): I DO like the little fishies on pizza; I once locked my keys in my car with the engine running in the middle of a wilderness area (sigh); guilty movie pleasures—The Host and Breaking Dawn-Part Two; and finally, I sure wish you-know-who hadn’t died in Allegiant (a tear might have escaped down my cheek, but I'm in denial).

    Book Review

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

A Cold Case: Not All Missing Persons Are Lost is a young adult mystery by K.D. Van Brunt. Jake Weathers, a 1985 high school senior, becomes curious when he finds a puzzling note written by Trish Hawthorne who disappeared with Kate Delisle, shortly after their graduation in 1961. Although considered the state’s oldest cold case, Jake decides to solve it with the help of friends. Julie, who happens to be the niece of Trish, helps Jake research and write about the missing girls for their school paper. However, not all persons connected to Trish and Kate want to relive the past, and some are reluctant to divulge information that may solve the case, especially when the school article becomes public. The deeper the friends dig into the girls’ lives, the more they uncover secrets that others did not want exposed.

A Cold Case: Not All Missing Persons Are Lost is an awesome engrossing mystery. Although K.D. Van Brunt wrote the story for young adults, older readers will also enjoy it. They can possibly relate to the primary theme dealing with specific emotional and thought-provoking social issues, which sometimes have an impact on families and the public. I admired the author’s creativity and sharp writing skills. He developed characters with very distinct personalities. The exciting trail of clues that Jake and his friends had me follow was very suspenseful. The cover illustration complements A Cold Case: Not All Missing Persons are Lost, which is a terrific book that I highly recommend.