Adventures of Jake

A Skydiving Adventure

Children - Adventure
34 Pages
Reviewed on 05/04/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Kathy Golden for Readers' Favorite

Adventures of Jake: A Skydiving Adventure by Aimee Greene is such a warm and inviting story. Right from the start, you feel part of the close and personal relationship between Jake and his mother. These two are like best friends at this early age in Jake’s life. This story is illustrated by Omayra Michael. I especially liked all the beautiful airplanes in different colors. My favorite drawings were of the parachutes, but the characters are drawn in precise detail and with expressions that are so alive.

I especially liked Jake Harvey because he is a little boy who is enthusiastic about school. His is such a refreshing perspective. Instead of impatiently waiting for school to be over to begin his adventure, when his mother tells him in front of the school, “Be sure to have the best adventure today,” Jake happily replies, “Always.” Jake’s attitude is such a key strong point of this story because it helps other children to see going to school, not as a drudgery, but as a chance to experience their lessons as adventures.

As soon as he enters the school, Jake’s lesson begins. It is a lesson that has much depth to it. There’s insightful information about skydiving that, perhaps, lots of children of all ages don’t know. Then, there is the personal part of the story where Jake has to face his fear and choose either to overcome it or let it overcome him. I did love the way that when Jake’s adventure ends and school is over, his mother meets him outside and the two walk home together. There is such a strong sense of family in this story. Thank you, Aimee Greene, for Adventures of Jake. I hope you’ll give Jake more of them very soon.