Aethereals Children

The Aethereal Series Book 5

Fiction - Fantasy - General
296 Pages
Reviewed on 03/27/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

With the belief that the Grays were no longer a threat, the emphasis of the Grand Council had shifted from guardian to salvaging the planets devastated by the Grays. However, after entering portals, six combat teams had recently disappeared from six different worlds. As suspected, the Grays had not only returned they had also evolved.

Humans were beginning to evolve, but one family had already become fully-enhanced humans. They now resembled elves with pointy ears and elongated eyes that slanted. David was in Guardian Training when he met Inga. The attractive blonde could match his pace in running. He was careful not to tell his fellow trainees that his parents were the first guardian partners. Inga, David, KP, and Maria were partnered together for a training exercise. They were sent through a portal to what appears to be deserted planet. The portal would not reopen for three days. David and his team were asked to volunteer for a special mission. It would mean becoming fully enhanced. The mission was to establish a peaceful communication with the Grays. Would the four survive the mission?

Aethereal’s Children by Christopher W. Wilcox, Sr. is part of the Aethereal series. This book easily stands alone. I am not sure why but I was reminded of the original “Battle Star Galactic” series (I was a big fan.) Wilcox successfully weaves the threads of the story together to form a tapestry that comes to life on the pages of Aethereal’s Children. The characters were well-developed and matured as the story progressed. The plot was entertaining and flowed smoothly. Fans of fantasy and science fiction will enjoy Aethereal’s Children.