Blood Influence Book 2

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Reviewed on 02/01/2024
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Author Biography

Ian C Lawrance was born in Wollongong in NSW the youngest of three children. On finishing school he completed a Medical degree at Sydney University and went on to specialise in gastroenterology and complete a PhD in Molecular Medicine at the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University. From there he undertook at Post-doctoral fellowship in the USA before returning to Australia and moving to Perth where he continued his basic Science and Clinical research as a Professor at the University of Western Australia. He is currently an Adjunct Professor and continues his research work having published over 120 peer-reviewed research papers and a number of book chapters.

He has four children and one granddaughter. He is involved in the arts performing in Musical Theatre and Light Opera. He plays the Alto Sax and learnt vocal technique for several years.

As an avid Fantasy and Science fiction reader as a teenager he loved the way new worlds could be created and populated by the imagination. He also loved the classics, particularly Jane Austen and the way she wrote in such beautiful melodic waves of prose. Having talked about writing a fantasy novel for over 30 years it was finally time for it to come to fruition. He tries to write in a way that is a little bit different to the standard fantasy novel.

Apostasy - Blood Influence the second in the series is now also available.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alma Boucher for Readers' Favorite

In the second book in I.C. Lawrance's Blood Influence series, Apostasy, Mortella has been summoned to the Tower, and her fate is to bear a child to provide for the Code. The Bowl, which is under the protection of the Code, was a prison for its inhabitants, and the high mountainous walls kept them in sight of the Tower. To learn more about the Tower and its goals, Silas set out in search of answers. When Silas and Felix, his twin brother, managed to escape the Bowl, they encountered Outlanders who had traveled from beyond. Known as the Apostasy, the Outlanders were never Bowl natives. When Mortella came back to the Tower following the birth of her child, something had occurred that rocked the Tower to its core.

In Apostasy, I.C. Lawrance created a realistic world with intricate details. The story moved quickly along, thanks to the enduring mystery and fascination that persisted throughout. I turned the pages as quickly as I could since the details were so vivid that I was unable to put the book down. There were several intriguing subplots, with many characters interacting in an environment full of emotional, psychological, and enigmatic aspects. In the story, The Tower plays a significant role as both a character and a malevolent entity. There was no uncertainty when the characters were introduced, and their individual experiences gave the story life. The settings were also explained from their point of view. The story was masterfully written, and I found the complicated web of links between the characters to be captivating.

K.C. Finn

Apostasy is a work of fiction in the dark fantasy, adventure, and action subgenres, and it forms the second novel in the Blood Influence series. It is best suited to the general adult reading audience and contains moderate adult content. In this story penned by author I C Lawrance, we delve into a continuation of the riveting series to find that the Tower still remains an ominous force, casting a dark shadow over the lives of Felix, Silas, and Mortella. The Tower, with its malevolent hum, is an embodiment of evil, holding the inhabitants of the Bowl in a grip of servitude and despair. Mortella, endowed with extraordinary beauty, is summoned back to the Tower, her fate entwined with a dangerous mission.

Author I C Lawrance has crafted another excellent dark fantasy work with a compelling narrative that delves even deeper into the complexities of power, destiny, and the role of blood in shaping the characters' fates in this immersive universe. It’s never easy to follow up on a strong first novel, but this second installment was a riveting experience that gave just as much descriptive atmosphere and tension as the first and delivered a plot filled with suspense and a constant sense of impending doom. The author's vivid descriptions create a palpable atmosphere of dread. The characters' struggle against the malevolent forces is emotionally poignant with well-chosen speech and thought presentation to let us into their heads. As the trio navigates the perilous path, the narrative unfolds at a relentless pace, keeping readers on the edge of their seats and building to a superb conclusion. Overall, Apostasy is a dark and enthralling continuation of the Blood Influence series that I’d highly recommend to fans of the first novel. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Foluso Falaye

Apostasy by I C Lawrance is built around the overpowering influence of a tower on a group of gifted characters. Mortella's fate is determined by the Supreme Potentate, who instructs her to bear a child for the Tower. Mortella is warned strongly against failing and threatened with becoming withered like those beneath the Code. Silas and Felix, identical twins, learn about the disappearance of the Fens family and other intriguing mysteries as they dig deep to uncover the secrets of the Tower. Jess is subjected to a distressing situation and has to deal with the overwhelming longings connected to her powers. We also connect with Molly, a kind but overlooked girl who feels invisible around others. Each character's path becomes entangled with the mysterious Tower and its strange secrets.

The mysterious atmosphere captures you right from the start and keeps you hooked completely throughout. With elements like magical abilities, voices, and anecdotes about a family's disappearance, the plot offers a fascinating, memorable read. Despite the number of characters, each one has an interesting backstory and is quite well-developed. An example is Mortella, whose journey from serving the Code to the revelation of her important role in bearing a foretold child arouses the reader's interest in her future. The book offers a diverse mix of themes, including magic, fear, visibility, sacrifice, friendship, family, and more. Apostasy by I C Lawrance is perfect for readers who love fantasy tales that engender fear and curiosity. Once you've picked it up, the lines between reality and fiction become blurred because of the vivid scenes. Read it at night for the best effect.