Auburn Ride

Auburn Ride

A Johnny Delarosa Thriller

Fiction - Thriller - General
368 Pages
Reviewed on 05/26/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

Auburn Ride: A Johnny Delarosa Thriller is an iconic mystery/thriller story reminiscent of Mickey Spillane and Sam Spade. A beautiful woman, Claire, enters the PI office of Johnny Delarosa and slaps down $20,000 for him to take her case. Johnny cannot refuse and the suspense and excitement never end. Claire wants Johnny to find $2 million that has been missing for thirty years. Johnny is put in one dangerous situation after another. His investigation leads him to old mobster bad guys; some who are trying to live normal lives; one who is willing to commit suicide; some who are still bad and another who is willing to come out of protective custody to claim the $2 million. The plot twists and turns and it is impossible to be sure who is good and who is bad, but Johnny and his team work all of the angles and follow all of the clues until the surprising conclusion.

I found it impossible to put down Auburn Ride because the thrills never stopped. It was impossible not to root for Johnny, fall in love with his new assistant Katie, and wonder if Claire was good or bad. David Stever certainly knows how to write a mystery with all of the elements needed to keep me on the edge of my chair, ignoring my chores. Auburn Ride is a retro read, a relic of 'days gone by' private eyes, and yet it is modern and up to date too. I am anxiously awaiting the next Johnny Delarosa book. This is a must-read for all mystery readers, young, old, and inbetween.