Day Dreamer

Fiction - Drama
284 Pages
Reviewed on 09/11/2018
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Author Biography

I always knew I was different from a very young age and by the time I was old enough at a teenage age to realize my life was already in a downward spiral I started to write this very same book. It took 30 years to finish. One life changing surgery that sent me into a whole different world that I hope no one in counters. This book saved my life and I was able to document the true meaning of delusions from depression, anxiety and PTSD from the past to the present. I hope everyone can understand my journey.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Day Dreamer by Michael Roberts is a story of how some people and some life events have a lasting impression on us. As we follow a young man as he grows up and becomes an adult, we look into his life as he would. We follow his actions, his mind and his daydreams, and we also see the world through his eyes. This is the story of Michael, a daydreamer. He became a daydreamer when a life threatening event led to him believing that he was saved by an angel. While he knows there is bad and good in the world, he believes that his angel is always with him to save him and bring happiness into his life. He loves his daydreams and the world he has created there, not wanting to leave! Kelly Lynn has always been in his life to guide him and protect him. While he daydreams, Kelly makes sure that Michael has enough happiness to live life to its fullest. Happiness is good for the soul, but is Michael’s happiness real?

Daydreaming is an escape that we all do so connecting with Michael was not difficult. I could sympathize and empathize with him. However, for me, the real hero of the story was Kelly. She kept him grounded and was ready to fight for him. The chemistry between these two was awesome from the very beginning. She was his guardian angel, the one person in his life who was constantly with him and helping him through the good and bad times. She brought substance to the story and I loved her for that. The story is unique and interesting; I enjoyed how the author was able to transition the story from daydreams to real life events without compromising the flow of the story and keeping the integrity of the characters. This is a thought provoking novel, one that made me rethink what my daydreams mean.

K.C. Finn

Day Dreamer is a work of contemporary dramatic fiction by author Michael Roberts. In a blended combination of the true-life events and experiences of the author, our hero is the author’s namesake Michael Roberts. Our tale begins with a dramatic struggle for life and death, resulting in Michael’s visions taking him back to his past to show us how he grew up and what brought him to that moment. As the title suggests, daydreamer Michael spends a lot of time in a faraway state of mind, and it becomes interesting to decipher what he believes in the real world compared to the world of his own imagining.

If the traumatic events of Michael’s early life are accurate to the author, then Michael Roberts has been through some tough times. His belief in the black-eyed angel who watches over him was part surreal and part endearing, and over the course of a single life it’s fascinating to see the influence that such a belief can have. The structure of the novel is in keeping with the daydream state of the author’s mind. This unfortunately makes it very hard to follow in places as the timeline shifts from past to present and back with very little warning. That said, the dialogue of the piece feels authentic, and the descriptions throughout are graphic and powerful, providing a visceral experience of both the joys and sorrows of life for the reader. Overall, Day Dreamer will not be every drama fan’s choice, but sticking with it is well worth the journey.

Maria Beltran

Day Dreamer is a novel partly based on true events, written by Michael Roberts. As a young boy, Michael almost died and thinking he is saved by an angel, he becomes a daydreamer. His daydreams, however, are tainted by a folk tale told to him at that time, which introduces him to the devil's work. Then he gets to know a young girl, Kelly Lynn, who will have a constant spiritual presence in his life. The young boy grows up and he has problems in separating his daydreams from reality; he is tempted to drink alcohol and experiment with drugs. Married with kids, Michael leads a troubled life and he eventually goes back to his home town. Will he finally find the peace of mind that he has been looking for all his life?

Michael Roberts' novel, Day Dreamer, is a provocative story that blurs the line between reality and dreams. What makes this tale highly interesting is that it is partly based on true events. And as we join Michael's journey from childhood to adulthood, we become witnesses to his daydreaming state and it can be truly disconcerting at times. Author Michael Roberts writes from the heart and it is the sincerity of his story that really stands out. And as he struggles between good and evil, we are reminded of our very own dilemma in trying to do what is right in the midst of all the temptations around us. Day Dreamer is a novel that'll challenge not only the reader's spirituality, but also the meaning of sanity itself.