Diamond's Edge

Stalker Suspense Novel

Romance - Suspense
456 Pages
Reviewed on 06/14/2018
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Author Biography

Before word one hit the page, I felt like I already knew Diamond Campbell, the main character of Diamond's Edge. We all have that angel on one shoulder and devil on the other, constantly battling for our attention. But Diamond — she has a devil on one shoulder and a demon on the other, and she still manages to somehow keep her soul.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Diamond's Edge: Stalker Suspense Novel is a romantic suspense novel by author Kaylie Hunter. In this standalone novel, our heroine Diamond Campbell comes from a dark world of crime, a world she thinks she’s managed to leave behind. But just as she seems to be getting life right for a change, a chance to use her old skills rears its head and Diamond gets sucked right in. Someone is watching her, threatening to blow the lid on her old life and ruin her new one all in one go, but Diamond’s got even bigger problems to solve. There are dangerous men at every corner, and some of them are just too sexy to stay away from.

I think Diamond’s Edge has absolutely everything you could be seeking in a glamorized but still genuinely dangerous crime novel. The story is larger than life, but its occasional unreality only heightened my enjoyment of the suspense and thrills, because I really couldn’t guess what was going to happen from page to page. Kaylie Hunter’s writing is straight to the point, and her most effective moments come from her dialogue. Diamond and her family sound like real people, making them hugely relatable in times of both joy and sorrow, of which there’s plenty within these pages. If you’re looking for a capable yet vulnerable heroine who plots her own course through life, Diamond Campbell is your girl, and her romantic and criminal antics will keep you reading to the last heart-stopping moment. Recommended for crime fans seeking tons of fun.