Dragon's Pet

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
325 Pages
Reviewed on 05/27/2024
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Dragon's Pet is an epic fantasy adventure by Max Maas. Plagued by seemingly interconnected dreams, Nori, an unemployed middle-aged man living with his retired father, inexplicably finds himself transported to a dream world where magic lurks in every nook and cranny. After the dragon, Resi, sends him to bring her food from the nearby city of Drei, Nori finds an unlikely companion in the tyrant Selb and finds himself recruited as a soldier of Drei. Soon, he embarks on an adventure, roaming the lands as he encounters various magical creatures, including goblins and arachnids, while discovering a nefarious plot of a group of anarchists who delve into forbidden experiments. Now, as the Lord Marshall of Drei, Nori must lead his forces in a stand against the dreaded Devourers who threaten to destroy the continent and its inhabitants.

If you're a fan of sprawling fantasy worlds and epic adventures, waste no time and grab a copy of Dragon's Pet. Featuring thrilling action sequences, wondrous worldbuilding, lore, and a whole host of magical creatures, this is an absolute gem of a book for fantasy lovers. Max Maas takes his time to ease the reader into the setting, but after the midway point, it's a non-stop thrill ride to the finish line. The characters are well-developed and have intriguing storylines. The last 50-60 pages or so are particularly action-packed and will have readers on the edge of their seats and chewing their nails to discover if their favorite characters will make it out alive. Readers of fantasy adventure novels are going to love this book, especially the ones who love intricately crafted magical worlds.