Entitled to Slavery

A Blueprint for Breaking the Chains That Threaten American Exceptionalism

Non-Fiction - Gov/Politics
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 06/15/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

This country was founded on Christian principles and, while these beliefs were not perfect, they did provide an outline by which to guide the world and our lives. Entitled to Slavery: A Blueprint for Breaking the Chains That Threaten American Exceptionalism by Michael Abbott Jr touches on the various aspects of what is causing this world to fall apart. By dismissing the principles of religious beliefs, we have no conscience on which to stand. “How could a nation founded on the very principles of Christianity reach the point in which its people so eagerly seek to uproot any last vestiges of the faith?” says Michael Abbott Jr. As stated in the chapter A Shameless, Parental Dereliction of Duty, traditional parenting has disappeared. Parents are no longer parenting, but instead are either themselves becoming the child or positioning themselves to become the child’s friends. There was once a time when children respected their elders and they kept the families together. The family nucleus of yesterday is no more. No longer is wisdom instilled or family traditions passed down.

I found it intriguing that Michael Abbott Jr decided to take on such a challenge and to create a book based upon the separation of religion and state. As he points out, because of the eradication of these beliefs, our world is doing things wrong that they are calling right. The lines of life are becoming blurred. Within the next few generations, when our children’s children reach adulthood, there will be no consistency of morals and principles; instead there will be a commonality of anything goes. I can go on and on, but, as this book displays, unless we bring our beliefs back into the forefront of our lives, in our families and within the world, we are doomed.