Fried Windows

In a Light White Sauce

Fiction - Fantasy - Urban
381 Pages
Reviewed on 12/04/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

Fried Windows: In a Light White Sauce by Elgon Williams is a creative romp through the imagination. Brent Woods's life is fairly ordinary: a job at a computer store, happily married, and he has three kids. When he makes a routine delivery to a house with no windows, Brent is startled to discover that the eccentric woman that lives there seems to know him, but by another name. An old friend brings him into another world, one of childhood dreams. As he digs into his past and uncovers memories of another life as the Lord of Bartoul Carlos, his youngest is attacked in her dreams, revealing an attack against his family.

Elgon Williams has a masterful imagination brought to life through a story reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, J.M. Barrie, and L. Frank Baum in the imagination and dreams of childhood. You won't be able to stop turning the pages to see what happens next. Brent discovers this other world that's completely run by the imagination and is full of life and absurdity, a real blast. There's a balance between this other world of all these crazy things and reality where Brent finds himself in the middle. He finds a way to connect to the imagination through his children and through the stories he tells them.

Williams does a wonderful job of saying so much in such a fun way, and shows how to connect as an adult to the same magic children see. The tone is playful and charming, light and absurd, never getting too dark or tragic. The humor is fantastic, with eccentric jokes about rocks needing legs to walk and frying windows in a sauce. A truly unique read, Fried Windows: In a Light White Sauce has phenomenal humor and is creatively brilliant, with walking rocks, well-disciplined couches, and little monsters. It's a fun adventure from beginning to end.