In the Hands of the Unknown

In the Hands of the Unknown

The Field Researchers (Volume 1)

Fiction - Horror
278 Pages
Reviewed on 06/12/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers' Favorite

Volume 1 of The Field Researchers series, In The Hands Of The Unknown by A.E. Hellstorm, tells a story about the shadowy nature of crimes with a supernatural twist. Miriam is used to strange cases and has long ago given up the hope of ever sleeping without having nightmares. Her new case, however, is worse than others: the girl in the morgue is not older than ten and has been eaten from the inside by unnatural parasites. Together with her older mentor, Henry, also her fiance, and their team mate, Carl, she tries to find the people responsible for the girl's death. The team has to face a multitude of challenges and find some shocking information involving an illegal foster home for children. Children that are often never seen again.

While In The Hands Of The Unknown by A.E. Hellstorm does have some horror elements, it never goes over the top or becomes tasteless, as is often the case with horror books and movies that seem to thrive on gore alone, without having a substantial plot to back it all up. The horror is more subtle, and the story justifies the few gory elements. There are also some sub-plots, such as the problems that arise within Miriam's team. They deal with issues like: When are you too old to work in a dangerous job? Is is possible to be just friends with your attractive team mate? Can you trust your younger girlfriend not to get involved with a younger man? Is it wise to start a relationship with your mentor? And how is it possible that so many children disappeared before anybody took some action? A.E. Hellstorm wrote more than just another horror story. It makes people think, and entertains the reader wonderfully. You can only hope that the next few volumes in the series will be just as gripping!