Meet the Number Nibblers

Children - Picture Book
36 Pages
Reviewed on 03/16/2020
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Author Biography

My labor of love with the Number Nibblers extends way back to the 1970's, when my wife was teaching deaf education at the primary level. She asked for help with her math bulletin board and I created rudimentary construction paper creatures to put amongst the numbers. Her students loved them so much, they wouldn't let her take them down the entire school year. To this day, I still have most of these primitive cutouts.
A few years later, I wrote the story in verse and created the names and specific "diets" of the Nibblers. Since I have no artistic abilities, the story sat for most of my life. I tried a couple of times to have people try to take what I could see in my mind and replicate it. I always thought that if I could get this book made, children of all ages would fall in love with my characters.
Last year I met a young lady who could finally take my mind's eye view and capture it on paper. Thanks, Jody! So here they are, live and in many colors. The adventures begin with this introductory look at them. Parents, I invite you all to introduce your children to the land of Digitazia and the wonderful, quirky Number Nibblers.
UPDATE: My book is still orderable and shipping directly from my Facebook author page. I've discounted it so parents can share the wonderful story and characters with their children during these scary weeks. Info is in my posts.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Amy Raines for Readers' Favorite

Meet the Number Nibblers, written by R.E. Hoskins with illustrations by R.E. Hoskins and Jody Dawaliby. The number nibblers are the creatures that live off a diet of specific number-shaped foods. For example, Neo eats only ones and Venes eats only sevens, Wot only eats twos and Enni ran away after eating a piece of a nine. What number nibblers eat the other numbers? What makes the number nibblers eat only foods made of a certain number shape? Is there a common reason for their food choice? Are the number nibblers content with their diet? Where did Enni go to when he ran away?

Meet the Number Nibblers by R.E. Hoskins is an adorable children’s story designed to help kids learn to count in an imaginative and fun way. I love how every page has a number with the Number Nibbler that eats it, along with a poetic style paragraph that is easy for even early readers to understand. The illustrations by R.E. Hoskins and Jody Dawaliby are vibrant and colorful and will help early learners stay focused on the story while learning to count as well as spelling out number words. I love that Hoskins and Dawaliby teamed up to make Meet The Number Nibblers into a beautiful and educational story that will also help special needs children learn early math, reading and spelling. I look forward to the next story about the Number Nibblers as I am certain it will be just as brilliant and educational as this story is.