Messages to My Son

Young Adult - Non-Fiction
140 Pages
Reviewed on 08/15/2022
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Author Biography

Fanny Webb is a mother, a grandmother, and a perpetual student. She lives in coastal Virginia where she continues daily to learn new lessons through her own observations and through the eyes of her offspring. After experiencing that special time known as "Mother of a Teen," Fanny felt compelled to put pen to paper to express truths she felt important to pass on to her progeny but which seemed to be lost in translation from her generation's language to theirs. Communication was achieved!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

Messages to My Son by Fanny Webb is an illuminating collection of life lessons that a mother wants to impart to her son. This slim volume is rich in wisdom learned from experience, from childhood to senior adult, and contains a wide range of topics. The chapters include If I knew Then What I Know Now, Parenting Basics, Generate Your Own Wisdom, Don’t Ever Stop Learning, Map Your Spiritual Journey, and many other pertinent topics. Written as a letter to her son, each of these topics is discussed in a way that is easy to understand. The wisdom of experience in this compilation is undoubtedly a priceless gift.

Fanny Webb’s Messages to My Son is a book every parent and child should read. All of us go through life’s stages unprepared for its challenges, and it’s every parent’s wish that their child will find happiness and success. However, it’s also a fact that many children don’t listen to their parents and insist on doing it their way. Hence, this book will be a perfect gift for them. Fanny writes with the authenticity of one who has already experienced life. Messages to My Son is also helpful to parents as it can be used as a guide in raising children. I love that the book opens with the chapter on If I Knew Then What I Know Now since it provokes the reader to read on. It is an easy read, and at times it sounds familiar. Your parents may have tried to impart some of these guidelines already but reading it in Fanny Webb’s words sounds more credible. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages!

Kathryn Braswell

Sometimes in life, hearing (or reading) the musings of another is all it takes to arrive at an "aha!" moment. The pages of this book are full of such moments. I highly recommend it for young adults and the older adults who love them.


Good book!

I never submit reviews but I really felt led to do it with this book. My sister recommended this book to me because I have two college aged sons who are are setting out on their own journeys. Many of the points that are discussed in the book are points that I have tried to make with my kids. I have approached the subjects from more of a tradional viewpoint. She appoaches from more of a New Age viewpoint. Maybe between the two approaches, one of us can speak the words that they can understand and help them avoid some pitfalls that could mess up their lives.

The main thing that I want to point out is that this is a must read for parents of young children. The points that Fanny Webb make to her son about raising his daughter is 'spot on'. It is things that can only be gained by having raised a child. Its things that I missed while going thru the chaos of child rearing. This book can reduce the drama that young parents experience and greatly reduce it for the child! Read it again when they reach their teens. Read it when you have grandchildren. I wish I had read it sooner.

Robert Chatters

This book is based on real life wisdom gained while raising a son. For most of her son's life the author did it alone. Her motivation for writing is her sincere desire to help young men deal with common problems.

Of course, not every possible problem can be dealt with in a book. The advice and philosophy contained in this book is concentrated and direct. I wish somebody had given me such advice ( any advice really) when I was the age this book is intended for.

A man my age has come by most of this wisdom naturally, through trial and error. However, if some of the pain could have been avoided through well thought out advice, I would have gladly taken it. Perhaps the greatest value of this book will be as a starting point for discussions between parents and their sons.

Debbie Webb

What a refreshing book. A book that youth needs to read. It is easy reading, and your finished reading the book before you know it. I finished the book in one reading. I like the way Ms. Webb told it the way it is....a good read.