Misha the Brave

Children - Grade 4th-6th
Kindle Edition
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Author Biography

Tabbatha Bella is a native of Atlanta and is an award-winning author and visual artist who has exhibited her art in galleries both nationally and abroad. Her painting, 'Resurrection,' a tribute to the souls lost in the September 11th tragedy, was presented to the New York City Mayor’s office in 2001 as a gift to the people of New York...Read more at: www.TabbathaBella.com

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Misha the Brave is an animal fiction story for children grades 4-6, written by Tabbatha Bell. Misha couldn’t understand why the old man kept on yelling at her and scaring her. Misha tried so hard to be good, but she didn’t know what she was doing to make him so angry at her. One day, she saw the opportunity to leave the house where she had felt so much like a prisoner. Misha dashed through the door into freedom, but life in the streets was even harder in many ways. There was no food, and soon one of her ears began to hurt. Sleeping in the street was cold, scary and lonely.

One day, Misha was found cowering in a corner behind a dumpster by a garbage man, who took her into the cab of his truck and shared his sandwich with her. He already had two dogs, so he brought her to a shelter, where they addressed her health issues and made her better again. It was a big day indeed when they finally moved her to the Adoption Room. Misha was thrilled to see that her cage was right up on top of the other cages, where everyone would be able to see her. It would be a few weeks, however, before Tommy and Michelle found her and her friend, Butchy, and brought them home. Misha and Butchy would be part of a very special family, a family who gave back to the community. It would take hard work learning how to be a therapy dog, and it would take courage. Misha wasn’t so sure she had the courage to succeed. Could she become Misha the Brave?

Tabbatha Bell’s rescue animal story for children, grades 4-6, Misha the Brave, is a moving and well-written story about an abused dog who makes the dash for freedom and then nearly dies as a result of her time on the street. This story introduces therapy dogs and how they help ill and injured patients. I loved learning about the different roles therapy dogs play and the methods trainers use to select the dogs they’ll be working with. Bell’s story is told from the perspective of a timid dog who had had a very tough start in life, and seeing how Michelle, Tommy, Hank and the other therapy dogs make Misha a part of their very special family is marvelous. Misha the Brave is most highly recommended.