Molly the Mole

Molly the Mole

Short story for kids about true friendship

Children - Animals
30 Pages
Reviewed on 09/04/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Molly is different from the other Moles – she is white, unlike other Moles, smart, friendly, and has good eyesight. Moles usually live in solitude and males and females meet once a year to have babies, and they part after that. In Molly the Mole by Bat Oren, readers see how keen Molly is to have a mate like other animals. She goes looking for answers and first runs into Old Mole. His answer does not satisfy her and she decides to find a friend. It is around that time she meets Ben the Mouse and they become friends. They meet once a week. Molly does most of the talking and Ben is a good listener. Ben’s parents are not happy about his friendship with Molly and the field dwellers call them an odd couple. Read on to learn more about their friendship!

It is a beautiful story of friendship between two different animals and their adventures together, and their friendship makes the book a good read. The illustrations give the Mole and the Mouse a personality of their own, and they make the scenes and the characters come alive. It is a good book for classroom read aloud sessions as it handles the topic of friendship and is also a good story for bedtime story telling. The important message of getting along with everyone has been put together nicely by the author with the help of two different characters, the Mole and the Mouse. The story is about acceptance, a willingness to understand change, getting along with everyone, and true friendship, and that makes this a cute and adorable read.