Nothing Is Predictable

Non-Fiction - Memoir
264 Pages
Reviewed on 11/22/2016
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Author Biography

After leaving the corporate world of management, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion to write.
I am also a lover of movies and I hope that my novels become a motion picture.

I wrote Nothing Is Predictable to inspire optimism and positive thoughts, reminding us we are strong and can overcome life’s challenges. Particularly those who suffered childhood trauma like I have.
I am determined to spread the message of forgiveness and the importance of letting go of our burdens that set us back in life.  

I know many of us have experienced heartbreaking moments that stamp an ugly footprint in our lives. Just remember, in 100 years, all our problems with be solved. Lol.

So! As the wise monk said to Zara in Nothing Is Predictable: ​

"Drop it like you drop a sack of potato. Let it go".

That's right ! Because, my life's incidents have taught me, that Nothing Is Predictable and Nothing Can Last Forever.
Love and Light and Peace.
Adalina xx.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

Nothing is Predictable by Adalina Mae is a short but powerful novel about the twists and turns life can take you through before you are even sure who you are or begin to get a glimpse of what life is about. Sometimes I think that all of us have troubled childhoods, but undoubtedly some childhoods are more troubled than others and, in my opinion, make for stronger people and stories. This is one reason I liked Zara, the protagonist in Nothing is Predictable, so much. I believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and Zara is a very strong but troubled woman. She is most definitely an American woman, and I think American women will relate to her story. This is especially true if they are the daughters of immigrants. I think children of parents who just immigrated to America have an especially confusing childhood as they try to combine all the aspects of their heritage with the American life that they absorb in school.

Beautifully and honestly written, Nothing is Predictable takes us around the world as Zara tries to come to terms with her past, while at the same time find what we all seek; love and happiness. Adalina Mae has a unique and very powerful, yet subtle way of telling a story. I think women will relate to Zara more than men will, but all fans of good writing will like Nothing is Predictable. The characters will move you, the story will move you, and the title makes all the sense in the world. Nothing is predictable. Sometimes we just can’t find the answer. Sometimes we just must be content with who we are. This is a powerful story by a powerful woman. I am glad I read it. You will be too.

Jack Magnus

Nothing Is Predictable is a contemporary romantic fiction novel written by Adalina Mae. Zara was American-born to Lebanese Christian parents who returned to Lebanon when she was an infant. While she was the proverbial apple of his eye, Zara soon learned to fear her daddy when he had been drinking. A mild-mannered, charitable and caring man who was successful in business, he soon turned to drink every evening, and the family's fortunes began to dwindle. Zara's siblings were older than she and at boarding school during the worst of the drunken rages, but the one evening that had the biggest impact upon her happened when she was eight years old. Throughout her adult life, she'd find herself back in that nightmarish reality in her dreams. She'd be running with her mother to hide in the musty, rat-infested storeroom of a neighbor, listening for the heavy, drunken steps of her beloved daddy who had turned, once again, into some sort of monster. As he wrenched the door open, she would scream until the walls echoed. That evening, her mother was beaten so badly she lost consciousness and nothing Zara could do would stop the rain of blows. Zara grew up to be the sole support of her mother, and was both a popular singer and a successful businesswoman, but her faith in men and belief in the myth of happily ever after would remain on shaky ground indeed.

Adalina Mae's contemporary romantic fiction novel, Nothing Is Predictable, introduces the reader to a thoroughly likable and engaging main character. Zara has her rough edges and a tendency to mask her feelings with seeming disdain, but her strength, resilience, and love of adventure make following her story a joy. Mae addresses serious topics in this tale of romantic misadventure. Zara's memories of her abusive father and her childhood rape by a neighbor sadly inform her attitudes about, and relations with, men, leaving her adrift and unable to feel that something could be predictable about her life. Nothing Is Predictable is a well-written and moving tale that's a pleasure to read. It's most highly recommended.

Deborah Lloyd

Born in the United States, and living much of her childhood in her parents' native Lebanon, Zara often felt like she did not fit into either culture. Add in the fact that her next older sibling was ten years older than her, and her father’s alcoholism worsened over the years, Zara had more life challenges. Her father was a successful and loving man when he was sober, frightening when he was inebriated. He died tragically at a young age, leaving Zara caring for her mother. Adalina Mae, author of the novel Nothing is Predictable, presents a realistic, multicultural story. The book covers several decades of Zara’s life, from childhood to mid-thirties, detailing her singing and business careers, as well as a failed marriage and several serious love relationships. Zara illustrates the resilience and courage of a woman who has experienced trauma, betrayal, and other heartbreaking situations. Her commitment to her family always remained the most important aspect of her life.

Nothing is Predictable is both an entertaining and a thought-provoking novel, due to the excellent writing skills of author Adalina Mae. While there are fun and humorous scenes, there are also difficult ones – similar to real life. The tone of Ms. Mae’s storytelling is memoir-like, told in a chronological sequence. There is a seemingly effortless flow in this easy-to-read book. Yet, there is much substance within the book, filled with important life lessons. The ending is unforeseen, explaining some of the struggles of Zara’s life. There are still some loose ends – just like life. Well done!

Lisa McCombs

Born to Lebanese emigrants Youssif and Amal, Zara is in search of herself as she shares in this inspirational tale. Moving between the States and Lebanon during her childhood, Zara is challenged with where exactly her true place is. With her mother fluctuating between running from the alcoholic abuse of her husband and attempting to find temporary solace by agreeing with the man, Zara’s introduction into the adult world is tremulous at best. As Zara struggles through life and ultimately achieves her own success as a businesswoman, she reaches this conclusion: “My life’s incidents have taught me that nothing is predictable and nothing can last forever.” Zara wears her mistakes in life choices as a badge in remembrance of the many curves life can throw. While she admits to growing up in fear, distress, and instability, while making her own relationship mistakes, she admits to being all the stronger for her experiences. Married once and the victim of several failed romances, Zara comes out on top.

Nothing is Predictable by Adalina Mae is an interesting journey through the life of a family who emigrated from Lebanon in the 1950s, only to return repeatedly to their home country before settling on America as a home. Adalina Mae is quite candid in her portrayal of Zara. Incorporating the native idiosyncrasies of the Lebanese language with the more contemporary English of America, the author successfully creates a vivid image of her main character in this example of memoir style realistic fiction. The addition of photographs at the end is a nice touch. I enjoyed this story and had to constantly remind myself that this is fiction.

Romuald Dzemo

Zara is a US citizen, born in LA to Lebanese parents. When she introduces herself, the reader immediately gets the impression of someone who could be real fun, someone who lives life fully, and someone who loves to party, but beneath the outside beauty and the exuberance she exudes, there is a kind of darkness about her, a darkness she’s carried with her from childhood. Zara is a troubled girl because of a traumatic incident that happened when she was a child, an incident that will leave her waking with nightmares, even as she matures into a beautiful woman, seeking meaning and happiness.

Nothing Is Predictable by Adalina Mae chronicles the life of a young woman fighting to make sense out of life, a journey to unveil her true identity and to create the life she wants, and the reader will watch her moving across countries, testing the waters in different relationships. Can she create a beautiful life of her dreams with the recurrent nightmares? There is a lot that readers will enjoy in this story. Zara is a very compelling and a well-developed character and I enjoyed the way the author explores her psychologically. In a story that is fast-paced and filled with unpredictable moments, readers will find themselves turning the pages, itching to discover what happens next to this heroine.

The narrative voice is powerful and very clear. I enjoyed the fact that the story is told in the first person narrative. The narrator introduces the psychological conflict right at the beginning: “I am gazing around at all the other patrons, my mind racing with thoughts of how I got here and why I’ve ended up single, with no children, married once, divorced once, then engaged twice after my divorce. Along with a few short-term dysfunctional relationships.” Readers will undoubtedly enjoy the narrative, the drama, the humor, and those moments they’ll wish they were the protagonist, because there is a lot of humanity in this beautiful story.

Di Mary

Totally agree with your review Ray. definitely a strong woman.
I loved this story.


I love Zara in this story. I Follow the posts written on this book. I was so taken by the resilience and strength of Zara. This book should be promoted world wide.

I hear a movie is probably in the making. I will be the first one lining up to watch it.

Naomi D

I also love Adalina's story Nothing Is Predictable.
I am Lebanese, and I completely connected with the character and understood her cultural battles.

Once I knew that Ms Mae is Zara in her childhood years, I couldn't but help respect her more for coming out and sharing with the world her story.

Please make a movie on this.