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Reviewed on 11/15/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers' Favorite

Reflections by poet Rockebah Charles-Stewart is a concise collection filled with rhyming poetry as well as free verse. The style of voice that is used is strong and is consumed with several different emotions. Many of those varying feelings can be found on Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, derived from his evolutionary theory on which emotions are based, such as love, anger, and disgust, which make up three of the eight basic human emotions. The collection has a raw, animalistic bent that makes up who and what we are as a race of humans.

There is an intensity within the pages of Reflections by Rockebah Charles-Stewart that keeps you glued and tuned in to what is unfolding before your eyes. I haven’t come across a collection before that integrated so many states of being. Some poetry tends to stick to one kind of general emotion, but this hits you on every level possible. You can almost hear the poet shouting the words she’s written in the hallway of your mind. Her poems are to the point; so much so that one might feel as though you are thrown into the fire, there is no set up for what’s to come, you are just in it. This is a high compliment from my end, although I’m sure you might not think that throwing anyone into the fire could be a positive, but in this non-literal sense, it most definitely is. I recommend this book to anyone willing and wanting to get out of their comfort zone.