Risk The Wings Of Sisterhood

Young Adult - Romance
140 Pages
Reviewed on 08/01/2015
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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Risk the Wings of Sisterhood is a young adult coming of age novella written by J.R. Evangelisti. Julie Pastel is eighteen years old, her faithful companion is a teddy bear named Bubbles, and she's quite proud of the fact that she's never been kissed. At least that's what she says, even while she gazes longingly at the covers of romance novels and imagines herself as one of the heroines. What she wants more than anything, however, is to have a real friendship. Julie and her parents drive over to State College where she has been awarded a full academic scholarship. She's confident that she'll be able to maintain her grade A status as an honor student in college, and her parents think that her drab attire will keep her out of trouble. Julie notices that there are two beds in her dorm room and, seeing no one there, she decides to take the one near the window. When she gets back, however, her belongings are on the floor as is Bubbles, who had been given pride of place on her pillow. Her roommate, Burkie Vivid, is brash and loud, and much taller than she is, and she's had tons of men. Julie's not at all sure she can survive with Burkie as her roommate.

J.R. Evangelisti's young adult coming of age novel, Risk the Wings of Sisterhood, is a humorous and touching look at growing up. The two young women who seem such polar opposites find themselves in a series of crazed and comedic situations starting with their appearance for tryouts with the college's football team. Evangelisti keeps the action going smoothly and fluidly in this disarming comedy that's an absolute hoot to read. Dr. Richard is fabulous as the dastardly history professor who is determined to rid the college of athletes, starting with the college's newest female football players. I also loved the sense of romance and youthful exuberance of their sudden decision to follow Aunt Cynthia's road trip along Route 66 and chuckled at their misadventures along the way. Risk the Wings of Sisterhood is a sleeper of a gem that's highly recommended.

Jessyca Garcia

Risk the Wings of Sisterhood by J. Evangelisti is a cute coming-of-age story. Julie Pastel has lived a very boring, sheltered life with overly protective parents. They have forced her to focus solely on her education. Upon going to college, Julie meets her roommate, Burkie Vivid, who is the complete opposite of her. They immediately form an awkward but comical friendship. When both girls get kicked out of school, they decide to take a cross country road trip where they learn about life, love and friendship.

I thought Risk the Wings of Sisterhood was a charming story with a good message about friendship. The relationship between Julie and Burkie was funny with their constant bickering. I liked that they were more alike than they realized. I can see this story and friendship being made into a television show. The ending of the story was perfect and I liked seeing how both Julie and Burkie turned out years later. The road trip that Julie and Burkie went on reminded me of a much more innocent version of Thelma and Louise. Evangelisti did a great job at keeping the humor in the story at all times.

Risk the Wings of Sisterhood is the type of story that is good for many different audiences. It contains a little bit of all the good stuff like sports, romance and humor. This is the type of book that I would be happy for my nieces to read. I recommend this book to anyone from the ages of 12 and up.