Ruthless Alliance

Ruthless Justice Book 1

Fiction - Suspense
250 Pages
Reviewed on 12/29/2023
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Author Biography

Luca Storm is a thriller suspense author. She's been an avid reader of suspense since she picked up her first Agatha Christie novel.
Her favorite thriller authors are Harlan Coben and Lee Child. She's also a fan of non-fiction authors Malcolm Gladwell, James Clear, and Seth Godin.

The characters she creates are realistic, 3-dimensional, and some are darkly funny. Her style is to write in first-person, giving each character a distinct voice and viewpoint. The end of her books are always a surprise, but they resolve the story. You won't find cliffhangers at the end of her books, because she's no fan of them when she reads for pleasure. And you may find familiar characters in subsequent books.

Much of RUTHLESS ALLIANCE takes place in Northern Mexico. She wrote the book after living there for 10 years with her husband and critters in the mid-2000s. The vernacular and locations are all real. The warm people and culture of Mexico have a special place in her heart.

An audiobook version of RUTHLESS ALLIANCE is available on Amazon/Audible and most other audio platforms.

The second book in the series, Ruthless Pursuit, is scheduled for early-mid 2024. Follow Luca on Amazon or her website for updates on the release of Ruthless Pursuit.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Ruthless Alliance is a work of fiction penned by author Luca Storm in the action, adventure, and suspense subgenres, and it forms the opening novel to the Ruthless Justice series. It is best suited to the general adult reading audience. Readers are invited to enjoy a gripping thriller inspired by true events, offering a mix of gritty action, psychological darkness, and dry, slick humor. The narrative centers around Luis Fuentes, an undercover DEA agent on the volatile border. When faced with a planned bombing in New York, Fuentes must navigate a dangerous landscape of terrorists, cartels, and corrupt bureaucrats. The story unfolds with car chases, shootouts, and a complex web of conspiracies. As Fuentes races against time, the plot is infused with wry humor and a sense of irreverence, making it a compelling and timely page-turner.

Author Luca Storm has crafted an intensely high-octane novel filled with suspense and action from cover to cover. The story is pacy, exciting, and highly entertaining for its terrorism and conspiracy plot threads, but it also raises more serious questions about corruption, justice, and the lengths one man will go to protect innocent lives. The unconventional hero, Luis Fuentes, offers complexity and relatability in the narrative thanks to the intelligent speech and thought presentation and the realistic attitude that the author instills in him. His actions, though suitably larger than life for the excitement of the plot, are rooted in reality, and it feels like we get to know him and his past. The book's blend of real-world inspiration and fictional storytelling seamlessly creates a thrilling experience, keeping the reader hooked from start to finish. Overall, I would recommend Ruthless Alliance to fans of accomplished thrillers everywhere.

Alma Boucher

Ruthless Alliance: Ruthless Justice Book 1 is a suspense thriller by Luca Storm. DEA agent Luis Fuentes has been working for the past three years undercover in Mexico, and his mission will end soon. While planning the takedown of the drug lords, Luis is contacted by someone who plans to commit a felony. Terrorists are plotting to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge as part of an attack on the United States. This information assures a reward for Luis, and Kenneth Walsh from the FBI is willing to pay the reward from his account. This case fell in Walsh’s lap, and it will give him a shot at the AG position. Luis has a gut feeling that Walsh is being dishonest, and he needs to put a halt to the corruption and stop a global plot.

Ruthless Alliance by Luca Storm is captivating and engaging. The story is fast-paced and had me hooked from start to finish. It was a page-turner, and the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. Storm created a world of action, betrayal, and backstabbing, and with all the twists and turns, I never knew what to expect next. The characters are well-developed and relatable. Guiding readers through a labyrinth of treachery and deceit, Luis is a tough, resourceful man who finds himself in the crosshairs of a moral dilemma. This thriller was action-packed and had me guessing until the end. The story was brilliantly written, and I integrated myself into Luis's world. The story exceeded all my expectations, and I cannot wait to read the next book.

Bryone Peters

Ruthless Alliance by Lucas Storm is about the lives of three main characters. Events unfold when their paths become connected. One of them is Luis Fuentes, an undercover DEA agent. The second is Javad Khatami, an Iranian man. He moved to America as he was unhappy in his homeland. Unfortunately, after building up a life in America, financial difficulties hit his family. The trouble starts when he is caught up with the wrong kind of people to get out of his financial predicaments. However, with the Director of the FBI looking for a promotion, he too takes risks. With copious amounts of money involved and the knowledge of being able to tap into it, things go awry from the start, but how will it all end?

Ruthless Alliance by Lucas Storm will keep you glued to each page. It is a compelling, suspenseful story driven by an entertaining plot with well-described characters. It has plenty of action scenes and crazy crime drama dialogue drenched with emotions and feelings. Storm has written every scene in each character's voice. The insider perspective provides the reader with insight into their state of mind. For instance, we can see the motives for Javad and Kenneth, which were monetary-based and for selfish promotion, respectively. The writing is brilliant, and the story is memorable. Ruthless Alliance contains vivid imagery and descriptions of even minute details. It is a book worth reading and rivals an action-packed movie on television. Javad was my favorite character because of his humor, sincerity, and naivete.

Grant Leishman

Ruthless Alliance: Ruthless Justice Book 1 by Luca Storm is a gritty, fast-paced, true-crime thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats. Luis Fuentes is a deep undercover agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) working south of the border trying to stem the flow of illegal drugs across the Mexican border. It has taken him years to infiltrate the Mexican cartel and he longs for a quiet life, somewhere on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean, with sun, sand, and peace. When Luis stumbles across a planned terrorist attack targeting New York City, the FBI Director instructs him to play along with the would-be terrorist and expose the greater network behind him. Luis, despite being suspicious of the Director’s motives agrees to assist the terrorist to get the explosives necessary to perform this planned act of barbarity, all the while looking for the underlying conspiracies, as well as a final way out of the lifestyle he is fed up with.

Ruthless Alliance is a taut, gripping, and satisfying read that takes real events and fictionalizes the characters involved. Author Luca Storm has created an interesting anti-hero in Luis Fuentes. Despite Luis’ patriotism and desire to put away the drug lords of the Mexican cartels, he is also driven by a passionate desire to not only survive this posting but ultimately achieve his dream life of sand, surf, and freedom from the scum of the drug world that he has been forced to interact with for so many years. The author clearly illustrates how such a deep infiltration undercover in the criminal world can profoundly change the protagonist’s perceptions, character, and outlook. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Luis and Javad, the would-be terrorist. The interplay between the two was a highlight of the narrative and Javad, the almost-accidental terrorist, was a fascinating study of how the right circumstances and motivations can turn even the most mild-mannered of men into tools for fanatics. This story has interesting insight into how ordinary people can be twisted and bent to perform acts they might otherwise have considered abhorrent. As the first of what promises to be a fascinating series with this character, Ruthless Alliance is a resounding success and I look forward to the next adventures. I can highly recommend this read.

Essien Asian

A desperate family man becomes embroiled in a terrorist plot with disastrous consequences. Struggling to make a success of his third marriage and drowning in debt, Javad Khatami is desperate for a reprieve. With no sign of help forthcoming in America, he returns to his roots in Iran where he is presented with an offer that is too tempting to refuse. To satisfy his new benefactor he must first procure an unusual item for him. This is what brings him into contact with Luis Fuentes, an ambitious undercover DEA agent with ties to members of the Mexican drug cartels. Javad must decide if saving face with his family is worth risking his life in Luca Storm's Ruthless Alliance: Ruthless Justice Book 1.

In Luca Storm's Ruthless Alliance, the plot is unique as it combines the darker aspects of the illicit drugs business south of the border with classic terrorist activity. The characters are well put together as Storm infuses each of the individuals with one unusual quality that gives the story an unpredictable feel. Luis has a bit of the deranged psychotic to his makeup which blends believably well with his incredible ability to calculate his moves five steps ahead of his adversaries while looking completely clueless. Javad's origin story makes it easy to tell that his difficulty with drawing the line when it concerns his family's welfare is a certain recipe for disaster. Storm allows each of his principal characters to tell the story as it unfolds from their point of view. This adds a realistic feel to the novel and also ramps up the suspense. Storm's Ruthless Alliance is a hard-edged action novel tinged with the kind of dark humor that action genre readers will enjoy.