Sanctuary of Lies

Fiction - Thriller - General
201 Pages
Reviewed on 11/26/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Chad Bishop’s Sanctuary of Lies is a thriller with a mesmerizing plot and characters that readers will stick with. It starts with the auction of a particularly dangerous device, and with a crime. But what caught my attention, the hook, was the first line in the second chapter: “Looking at your future wife in the bed and getting a text message from your dead ex-wife has all the makings of a bad day.” Isabelle Nunez is the owner of a Brooklyn computer shop and she lives with her lover, Jacob Costa. Jacob has already accepted the fact that his fiancée can never conceive, so they are well settled with the pit bull that they treat as a child. But all this is about to change when, days after being reported dead, Jacob’s ex-wife sends an email asking him to go save their child. He never knew he had any with her, and so begins the emotional and thrilling ride of the year for readers…

Chad Bishop is good at creating cliff-hangers and crafting chapters that readers can’t leave mid-way. The writing is fluid, with short, succinct sentences that hit the mind powerfully and images that readers can’t ignore. The conflict starts from the very beginning and the reader immediately gets the feeling that the author is an expert in engineering suspenseful moments in the plot and scenes that keep readers utterly engaged. In Sanctuary of Lies, there is a surprising blend of humor and suspense, which makes the read a really enjoyable one. The paragraph breaks are timely and they are accomplished to create great dramatic effect. Fans of thrillers shouldn’t miss this one!

Ruffina Oserio

Sanctuary of Lies by Chad Bishop is a first-class thriller with a powerful premise and great development in plot and character. Isabella Nunez and her lover, Jacob Costa, don’t have anything to complain about when it comes to their relationship, even if Isabella knows she can’t have a child. They are two computer geeks who are excited by the infinite possibilities in the digital world while running their computer shop in Brooklyn. But things change and their relationship is challenged in a way that neither could have imagined with a sudden email. Jacob’s ex-wife, who is reported to have recently died, sends him an email asking him to go and save their child. Jacob was unaware of having left a child behind. The reader will discover a surprising turn of events as they follow the compelling characters through complex worlds.

A great storyteller, Chad Bishop knows how to get the reader engaged from the first page of the narrative. I enjoyed the fact that the story starts in the middle of a serious conflict and that the premise of this story is introduced immediately. The unique narrative style, coupled with the great writing and the gritty plot are among the elements that will have readers enthused as they follow Bishop’s characters. From the colorful setting, to the unpredictable plot, to the memorable characters, Sanctuary of Lies grabs the reader and pulls them along to the very last page. It’s a page-turner, one of those stories you can't put down once you start reading.