Saving Raine

Fiction - Inspirational
294 Pages
Reviewed on 02/09/2024
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Author Biography

Crafting narratives that deeply resonate with readers is my passion. I delve into themes of loss, adversity, redemption, and, ultimately, hope, seeking to create stories that touch the hearts of all who read them. In my latest book, "Saving Raine," readers are introduced to the resilient character of Raine Reynolds. Her journey serves as a testament to the unwavering strength of the human spirit, making it a story that offers solace and connection to readers of all backgrounds and ages.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Bernadette Longu for Readers' Favorite

In Saving Raine by Marian L. Thomas, the author has written a most unusual romance, to say the very least. The story unfolds as seen through the eyes of the main character and how her world starts to unravel after the death of her husband at the hand of his stalker/ex-girlfriend Monica. The main character, Raine Reynolds, takes the reader on a journey through her grief over the death of her husband and then the unexpected death of her very best friend. The author helps the reader realize that people handle grief in different ways. Some flee to pastures new but some stay and put one foot in front of the other and take one day at a time. However, each way takes courage to face all forms of grief, whether the death of a parent or a child.

In Saving Raine, Marian L. Thomas uses her characters with the skill of a puppeteer. They take the reader on a journey that sometimes mimics what happened in the past and sometimes turns them around to show yet another way to handle the grief that the main character finds herself in, especially when things go south with a new romance interest that she has found. The author holds the reader's attention right to the last page of this book, with an unexpected ending. It was a joy to read this inspirational story and I could not wait to pick it up and read more every day when I had a chance. Thank you for a lovely, excellent story. This book is well worth more than one read.