Sex in Marriage

From a Four-Letter Word to a Holy Act

Christian - Living
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 11/03/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers' Favorite

Sex in Marriage: From a Four-Letter Word to a Holy Act is a much-needed book today in our society, especially for those within the church or who have been raised with religious teachings. Author Denelle Scanlan writes this book from her own personal experiences and struggles in her pre-married as well as married life concerning the topic of sex. The reader will likely be able to relate to some of the issues that Scanlan mentions as she tries to break the cycle of fear concerning those issues. There were major concerns on her wedding night and she shares how loving, kind and understanding her newly wedded husband was in not pressuring her, rather loving her without the focus being on sex alone. It shows the love of Christ moving through an individual, rather than their own selfish desires and even disrespect for another individual. She shares both the importance of praying with your spouse, as well as with others whom you love and who are important to you.

Scanlan shares how the Song of Solomon found within the Bible, as well as other Christian books, helped her comfort level to rise and for her to move past her fear of even the topic itself. She would later display books concerning sex in her home and when others would come over, these would often cause a conversation to begin concerning the topic. She makes a very profound statement when she says: “…being sexy is not sin and that my husband wanting me in that way or me wanting my husband is nothing to be ashamed of.” There was another great point that is recorded within the book, when a cashier said: “You know, hun, sex in marriage isn’t a sin.” What a profound statement and how true. When sex is viewed biblically, then it can be viewed as healthy. This is a very open and honest book that will help others that are anxious or fearful concerning the topic of sex. It is written from a Christian perspective, therefore it could be used within the church as a great resource tool.