The Adventurous Tale of Tiara Lee

Children - Fable
28 Pages
Reviewed on 08/17/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers' Favorite

The Adventurous Tale of Tiara Lee is a wonderful fable with a happy ending. Author D. Ryan Lafferty has written a moving story that includes many emotions like scary scenes, a sad past, and a happy ending. Written in rhyming form, the fable involves a young girl named Tiara Lee who was adopted by a single man. Tiara Lee has a nightmare about a wicked stepmother so she escapes on a raft with her best friend, a tiny green lizard named Dartanion. When the skies darken and the lightning starts, the raft splashes about in the steam and Dartanion falls off the raft into the water. Tiara Lee lets out a loud shriek. An angelic woman entered her bedroom and lay down beside her. Her stepmother put her arm around her and stayed with her until morning. What a warm and fuzzy ending! You’ll be surprised to learn how Dartanion survived the fall from the raft.

Author and illustrator D. Ryan Lafferty has created a classic of a young girl who imagines herself as a princess, but when the dream becomes a scary nightmare, he provides a happy, comforting ending. The simple, colorful drawings help to illustrate the story and set the scene for a book that includes so many emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness to being scared. I recommend this book for parents to read to young children who also experience scary nightmares. All parents can relate to The Adventurous Tale of Tiara Lee and will enjoy sharing this moving story with their children.