The Amazon Anomaly

Fiction - Science Fiction
564 Pages
Reviewed on 02/04/2024
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Author Biography

I write adult hard science fiction that provides a keen insight into the psychology of its characters, relies upon real science as well as thoroughly researched extrapolation of current technological trends – all while not compromising on being action-packed.

I trained as a scientist before becoming a medical doctor. I've had a lifelong love affair with science and have always been an avid reader of science fiction.

As a scientist, I have always been drawn to the accuracy of hard science fiction and its considered, realistic extrapolation of current trends. As a doctor working in mental health I am drawn to diversity, complex characters and flawed protagonists. Above all, I am curious about exploring the impact of extraordinary circumstances on the mental state of ordinary people.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my work.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

The Amazon Anomaly is a work of fiction in the science fiction, suspense, and action subgenres. It is suitable for mature readers owing to some explicit language and moderate sexual references. Penned by author Chris Cosmain, the novel thrusts readers into a thrilling ecological mystery set in the near future of 2028. We meet Scarlett Silverman, a brilliant systems ecologist, faced with an urgent mission to unravel a mysterious threat lurking in the Amazon rainforest. The narrative cleverly intertwines environmental intrigue with elements of psychological suspense as Scarlett grapples with this eerie biological anomaly, but also with her own mental health and matters of the heart along the way.

Author Chris Cosmain has crafted a tale with a brilliant balance of scientific intrigue and emotional depth that walks the line between exciting, hard conceptual plot points and gentle, emotive explorations of psyche and soul. The exploration of environmental consequences and the clash between science and radical environmentalism was a really interesting angle to take, offering a realistic, speculative viewpoint to science fiction that’s eerily credible and ideal for a near-future thriller. Scarlett's character is compelling, navigating both the enigma of the anomaly and her internal struggles with some really excellent attention to detail in the speech and thought presentation of her narrative. Cosmain's narrative skill extends beyond this beautifully close portrayal of characters into the creation of a fascinating set of locations, blending real-world environmental concerns and familiar scenarios of ecological concern into each setting with ease. Overall, this makes The Amazon Anomaly a captivating and thought-provoking science fiction read that’s firmly rooted in reality. I’d certainly recommend it to fans of well-balanced, well-penned suspense tales everywhere.