The Flowers of Penruddock

A Romance Collection

Fiction - Anthology
536 Pages
Reviewed on 03/01/2018
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Author Biography

Ronnda Eileen Henry read a lot of history, biography, science fiction, and regency romances when she was young, and her two favorite authors are Jane Austen, Aleksandra Layland, Isabella Berdyna Zysk, and William Shakespeare. She has the heart of a romantic, and believes romance is for people of any age. Sweet romance is her favorite, whether it's for a teenager or a person in his or her middle age. Retired now, she lives in Florida.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorite

The Flowers of Penruddock: A Romance Collection from Ronnda Eileen Henry is a collection of seven substantial novellas that all focus on the mythical land of Penruddock, which Henry has created and expanded on over time. The novellas all take place over different periods of Penruddock’s history; a history, it seems, that is measured by before and after the rule of Good King Adelard. King Adelard was the last king to rule over a unified and united Penruddock. Upon his death, the island nation was divided up into six kingdoms, each to be ruled by one of his six sons. The story of Good King Adelard and what led to his decision to split his kingdom is told in the fourth novella, Hyacinth: Love Royal and True, and is in itself fascinating. Each of the seven novellas is named after the lead female character in the story, also being the name of a flower. So, we have Poppy, Rose, Violet, Hyacinth and more. As a bonus, at the end is a story written by the author titled Cousins One and All, a Jane Austen fan fiction story.

I loved this wonderful collection of simple love stories. There is nothing pretentious about Ronnda Eileen Henry’s writing and in The Flowers of Penruddock: A Romance Collection, she gives us simple, sweet and uplifting love stories about real characters. I particularly liked that age, occupation and social status had no bearing in the characters’ choices of who they fell in love with. Many of the stories are centred around nobility and royalty, where “love matches” are often the last consideration when arranging a marriage. More important are improving one’s status or adding a title to one’s family name. Henry’s characters rise above these material issues and true love is found, pursued and defended stoutly. Because all the stories revolve around the land of Penruddock, albeit at different times in history, I always felt an affinity with the location of each new story. This is a long collection of stories, but one that can be delved into and read at one’s leisure. Each story stands alone and I can highly recommend this to anyone who loves, good, clean, but exciting romantic adventure. My favourite stories? Marigold: Love in Two Acts, closely followed by Peony: Forged in Love, but truth be told, I enjoyed them all immensely.

Sefina Hawke

The Flowers of Penruddock (A Romance Collection) by Ronnda Eileen Henry includes seven romance novellas as well as one fan fiction novella that all take place in Penruddock. This collection of novellas includes: “Rose: Love, Ever Strong”, "Poppy: Love in Season”, “Violet: Freed by Love”, “Hyacinth: Love, Royal, and True”, “Marigold: Love in Two Acts”, “Peony: Forged in Love”, “Krysantha: Love, Savory and Sweet”, and “Cousins, One and All, A Jane Austen Fan Fiction Fantasy Romance Novella”. Each story or individual novella features a different heroine of a different age, background, and personality. Each of the heroines has their own obstacles and challenges that they must overcome in order to find love. Will each woman manage to persevere in order to get their happily ever after or will some crumble under the challenges in front of them?

The Flowers of Penruddock (A Romance Collection) by Ronnda Eileen Henry is filled with a collection of unique novellas that all shared the common theme of romance and love. However, while I enjoyed all of the novellas, my favorite one was “Marigold: Love in Two Acts” because Marigold was not a princess or royalty and yet she managed to do more good for the diplomatic relations between three kingdoms than any Princess, King, or Queen. I loved the way that Marigold and Andro came to develop feelings for each other even though Marigold was a captive. While “Marigold: Love in Two Acts” was my favorite story in the collection, I still greatly enjoyed all of the novellas and the fan fiction novella, and I hope that the author decides to write more stories about Penruddock in the future!

Rabia Tanveer

The Flowers of Penruddock: A Romance Collection by Ronnda Eileen Henry is a collection of seven stories that are short, but no less powerful than any full length novel. I loved the fact that the author put her heart and soul into each story to make it as memorable as the next and ensure that readers will keep a part of each story in their hearts. This collection takes a different look at love, one that is not just focused on a certain age group. It takes the reader to a place where love is just love that can happen at any age and to anyone.

Too beautiful to adequately put into words, the stories follow the paths of seven women, some young and some older, who find love that is just as beautiful as their dreams. These women fight hard for their happily ever after and they don’t hold back, so their rewards are bigger and much better. Each of their stories was unique and gave life to already amazing characters. Each character showed a different side of love and longing and that just made it even more enjoyable.

The Jane Austin fan fiction novella was really interesting, but for me, the highlights of this collection were “Violet: Freed by Love” and “Poppy: Love in Season.” You would have to read these sweet and short stories to experience the bubble of happiness inside me. I truly enjoyed the writing style, the charismatic characters and the heroines who are full of life. This is a perfect romance collection!

Joy Hannabass

The Flowers of Penruddock by Ronnda Eileen Henry is a beautiful collection of seven romance novellas. I love that each novella is named after each story's lead female character, and even more appealing, all seven ladies' names are names of flowers. We have the beautiful Rose, Poppy, Violet, Hyacinth, Marigold, Peony, and Krysantha for the flower ladies. The stories follow many years of Penruddock's history, and after each story, I was excited to see what the next one would bring. At the end, Henry gives readers a bonus, her Jane Austen Cousins, One and All. There is so much more going on between the covers of this book you have to read it for yourself to find out.

I took the plunge into a different genre for me with this collection, and I can't tell you how glad I am for choosing this one. Each story is unique and so wonderfully romantic I hated to see it end. There were even several twists to the stories to keep things interesting. I love, love these seven powerful ladies and getting to know them. Each has a unique lifestyle and personality, but they all fight for the same type of real love that will last. If I had to choose one favorite, it would be the first story, Rose: Love, Ever Strong. Rose and Conner have had such difficult childhoods. I wanted to see them both happy in their adult years. This is such a sweet story, but not at all easy. One thing about this story that will stay with me is how persistent Rose was when she knew what she wanted. This is definitely a love story everyone who loves a sweet and clean romance will want to read. And the stories are not long so it only takes a short time to read each. I highly recommend The Flowers of Penruddock. And if you are like me and have never read the fantasy genre before, give this book a try.