The Gatsby Motive

Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
209 Pages
Reviewed on 09/28/2022
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Author Biography

Bryan David London is a psychologist and Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist with a private practice in Carmel, Indiana. Over the course of his career, seeking to experience the breadth of his profession, he has worked in a variety of settings, including a psychiatric hospital, a group home for children, a pain management center, an autism evaluation and treatment center, correctional facilities, and mental health centers. His first book, a nonfiction self-help book entitled Life Is One Damn Thing After Another: Until You Acquire the Insights and Skills to Take Charge of It, was published in 2000. His Gatsby novels are meant to bring something new to literary noir, a seamless integration of psychology and life skills strategies with detective fiction. He lives with his wife, Amy, and their assortment of four-legged companions, all of whom are rescues.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

The Gatsby Motive by Bryan David London is a pulsating urban thriller that fans of suspense and mystery novels will highly appreciate. Twenty-seven-year-old Zachary Par is a private investigator with expertise in human psychology. When the parents of a college student named Aaron Webber seek Par's services to provide him with counseling, he finds himself embroiled in a far larger conspiracy involving a secret underground call girl service within the university campus, including several influential people. As Par works with Aaron on his missing memories, he discovers the case of a missing girl that might have far-reaching consequences. After acquainting himself with the prime suspect in a boxing match, Par must now blow the lid off the entire operation before another innocent girl's life is ruined.

With a fast-moving narrative and a plot filled with unexpected twists and turns, author Bryan David London keeps the reader thoroughly immersed throughout the pages and leaves them asking for more. There is a healthy amount of philosophical discourse spread throughout the narrative that adds an extra layer of authenticity to the story. The characters are well-realized, and their added backstories make them all the more compelling to read. Zachary Par is a charismatic protagonist who steals every scene that he is in. I particularly enjoyed his sessions with Aaron which provide a lot of insight into the characters. I also enjoyed the humorous moments in between some of the more dramatic scenes. If you're a fan of well-written stories full of suspense and mystery, check out The Gatsby Motive.

Deborah Lloyd

Living in New Lexington, Indiana, twenty-seven-year-old Dr. Zachary Par was licensed to work in two seemingly unrelated fields – as a clinical psychologist and as a private investigator. A wealthy couple, Joseph and Dorothy Webber, hired him to work with their college-age son, Aaron. Aaron thinks he may have been kidnapped, but his memory was affected by a night of heavy drinking. Although he was initially reluctant, Aaron worked with Zac in both arenas. He eventually made positive cognitive/behavioral changes, and a complicated mystery was solved. Zac’s investigative abilities were often enlightened by his psychological training. In the compelling novel, The Gatsby Motive, author Bryan David London created an intriguing plot.

This author has a comprehensive understanding of the field of psychology. This is demonstrated in how he assists Aaron in building his self-image and how he interacts with Aaron’s parents. Eventually, his training played an important role in uncovering what happened to Aaron on that fateful night. The information is presented in clear, easy-to-comprehend language so that everyone can follow the storyline and perhaps gain more psychological insights along the way. Another interesting feature is Zac’s daily exercise routine which includes expertise in boxing. Although many different aspects are covered in this book, the author writes in a skillful manner, creating a smooth flow. The story is told in chronological order, from the perspective of Zac’s thoughts and experiences. Author Bryan David London has crafted an engaging story in The Gatsby Motive. Don’t miss this adventurous tale – it is entertaining and thought-provoking!

Susan Sewell

A private detective finds himself entangled in a modern slavery conspiracy in the thrilling sleuth mystery The Gatsby Motive by Bryan David London. Zachary Par holds a doctorate in counseling psychology but enjoys sleuthing on the side. Hired to find out if a wealthy young man, Aaron Webber, was really abducted the night before as he claims, Par is suspicious. Both of his new client's parents seem more disgusted with their son than concerned for him. Referred by another doctor, Aaron's parents request that Par work with Aaron to cure him of his addiction to alcohol and an illegal substance. Always willing to accept a challenge, Par begins his assignment investigating at a college fraternity house. Was Aaron abducted as he claims? Do his sudden nightmares hold clues as to what happened that night?

The dynamic melding of psychology and private investigation into one profession gives The Gatsby Motive by Bryan David London a fascinating twist. I appreciated the core messages of the book. While the author, Mr. London, is not always subtle with his themes, they are full of hope. The story starts somewhat slowly, coaxing the reader in, picking up the pace until it builds to an astounding conclusion. The mystery is intriguing and had me guessing. The characters are believable, and Par's personality is endearing, even if it lands him into more trouble than he anticipates. One cannot help but feel bad for the villains and the protagonists alike. A well-rounded mystery, this book will delight fans of detective and noir mysteries. This novel contains triggers including abuse and implied rape and therefore is more suited for a mature audience.

K.C. Finn

The Gatsby Motive is a work of fiction in the mystery subgenre and was penned by author Bryan David London. Written for the mature adult reading audience, the work does contain some moderate scenes of violence and psychological references to PTSD. Our protagonist is a psychologist and private investigator, Zachary Par, who takes us through the events of this fast-paced sleuth mystery to uncover the secrets of a missing woman and a murdered young man. What results is an exploration of family ties, psychological issues, and deeply hidden secrets that must come to light to repair the fragile lives left in the wake of devastation.

For such a short novel, author Bryan David London really knows how to pack a lot in. The pace moves at a breakneck speed to take you through the facts of the case, delving in and wasting no time getting readers interested in the major plot points from the off. Yet, there is a wonderful balance between these plot threads coming and going and the emotional and psychological presentation of Zachary Par, whose insights are resonant and clearly well researched. This unique twist on the sleuth genre produces an interesting dynamic in how the mystery comes to be solved, leaving a lot of room for tension and uncertainty that makes everything more intense and exciting as the conclusion draws nearer. Overall, I would highly recommend The Gatsby Motive to mystery novels fans who seek something new and totally original to wrap their minds around. A brilliant read indeed.

Vincent Dublado

Anyone with a fascination for detective fiction will get a good dose in The Gatsby Motive by Bryan David London. The story has a style reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. Its psychologist-detective protagonist, Zachary Par, narrates the case he is about to crack involving a criminal enterprise inside a university campus. A reporter named Cheryl Brodsky has been working on a story concerning a congressman who is believed to be sexually abusing his interns. Brodsky mysteriously disappears, and as Par tries to connect the dots, his investigation will involve members of a fraternity. It will reveal what’s going on inside their activities. As the case deepens, it will cost a young man’s life, leading to unraveling more dark secrets.

The Gatsby Motive is heavy on its exploration of the mental states of its characters. Even Detective Par seems to have a condition of his own, as revealed by his pet peeve of shaking hands. Moreover, most detective novels delve into psychology, and Bryan David London is aware of this. He uses this discipline as the topspin for his novel. His writing reflects his ability to delve into the complicated world of psychology in relation to criminal investigation and uses it as a springboard to demonstrate the motives of a criminal. The Gatsby Motive works on its own term as a detective story just the way that classic detective fiction should work. It keeps you on your toes as the plot thickens, with a storyline that provides a rich source of dialogue, behavior, and incidents. This is an outstanding mystery tale that you should read.