The Heart of Your Money

The Heart of Your Money

A Woman's Guide: How to Create Your Family Financial Values System and Take Control of Your Money

Non-Fiction - Self Help
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 05/02/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Gracie Bradford for Readers' Favorite

The Heart of Your Money – A Woman’s Guide – How to Create Your Family Financial Values System and Take Control of Your Money is written by Zena Amundsen. Plenty of life lessons abound that one would not expect to find in a book about finance. The stories related by women examine the root cause or, more specifically, a psychological analysis of how the women handle money matters, whether well or poorly. Each person can identify with the scenarios at some point in their lives. I especially found intriguing the trigger points and moments that can set us back when we think we are moving forward in a positive way. The reader will find some enjoyable and comical moments as they read about being financially naked, or recognizing wake up calls, or a life changing moment or even a turning point.

Some of the highlights of The Heart of Your Money include worksheets associated with each concept examined in chapter one through five. Be prepared to spend some alone time to thoroughly analyse and write down your financial value system. It is a helpful exercise. Also useful is an extensive list of extended values to help to make connections and insights into one's priorities. The way the author explained cash flow versus the use of the word 'budget' makes sense on some levels. The method outlined for simple money management by dividing into four buckets has merit. The author has definitely used a unique approach to money management. Many females are the CFO of their household, not by choice but by necessity.