The Legend of the Three Roses

The Legend of the Three Roses

The Three Roses Trilogy Book 1

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
509 Pages
Reviewed on 08/28/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers' Favorite

The Legend of the Three Roses is the first book in The Three Roses Trilogy by Jason Hubbard. Just a fair warning: if you read volume 1, you will want to read the other books, too, unless you don't like fantasy/adventure novels, then this isn't the series for you, but all fans of the genre, read on! Readers are introduced to the world of Kane, an apprentice who works towards becoming a fully fledged sorcerer. Never mind that accidents happen to him every now and then e.g. exploding potions. Unfortunately for Kane (and fortunately for his teacher who never really wanted him), he gets caught in the middle of an assassination attempt on the king himself. Kane is taken hostage, and soon has to learn how valued he truly is by his father. The kidnapping incident sets off a series of adventures that Kane would have preferred not to be involved in, but in the end, those challenges show him how powerful he could truly become. But what or who are the three roses? And why is mentioning them such a dangerous thing to do?

I loved every page of The Legend of the Three Roses by Jason Hubbard and fortunately it's a book that lasts a while. You are immediately drawn into the world of Kane and his friends/foes. It is a world with a different sort of magic, and a world filled with interesting cultures - unfortunately in a war that started for reasons nobody really understands. I enjoyed the book because it made me feel "at home." At the end of the day, I could come back to the book and felt like I joined a world that feels comfortable for me as a reader. I love fantasy adventures, and this one was just the perfect read for someone like me. It did not have too many characters (I find it gets too confusing if you have dozen of flat characters instead of some well-rounded ones), a good amount of plot that you can keep track off without having to take notes, and a great mix of fast-paced and slower scenes. If you love fantasy, give this series a try; you won't regret it!