The Relationship Saver / The Gameless Relationship

A Fast Track Manual for Saving and Repairing Your Relationship (1)

Non-Fiction - Relationships
84 Pages
Reviewed on 07/21/2019
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Author Biography

Radomir and his wife Antoinette met in 1968 and were married in 1975. They have a wonderful daughter Diana who is happily married and living with her husband and their daughter in Oakland, California.
Besides having a very happy and satisfying marriage, Radomir is also a Founder and Director of a consulting firm Dynamic Human Developments where he uses his previous training in communication and team work to incorporate it in his current practice of coaching individuals in their relationships as well as training organizations in forming "championship" teams.
As a business, professional and personal coach, Radomir sees no option for success, but to "manifest your best."

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

In The Relationship Saver / The Gameless Relationship by Radomir Samardzic, you will learn amazing, no-nonsense techniques that will highlight the areas that are sabotaging your relationships. Discover why you are struggling to form long-lasting, meaningful relationships, not just with your partner, but friends, family and more importantly, yourself. By improving your behavior and taking full control of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior, you will soon realize the tremendous domino effect it will have on those around you. How can you resolve conflict and decrease tension in your relationship so arguments become discussions, without the need for manipulation and control over others? What are the true differences between men and women when it comes to relationships? Finally, achieve true enlightenment when it comes to the relationships you form and understand what it means to be truly in love with others and yourself.

The Relationship Saver / The Gameless Relationship by Radomir Samardzic is the most helpful manual on relationships I have read. If you are hoping this book will excuse you from taking responsibility for your actions and life choices, then you will be disappointed, because this book is about what you can do to help yourself. The techniques are easy to follow and the results are almost instantaneous. I have delayed writing this review because I wanted to try out the techniques myself, and they really work. Those around me have commented on my change of behavior and I have found a positive change in their behavior as a result. The awareness exercises are invaluable and a great way to check in with yourself that you are following the guidelines set out in the book. I found myself nodding in agreement throughout, as I saw my behavior being described. This book should absolutely be made available to schools and colleges to ensure that young people form healthy positive relationships as adults, ones that are built on solid foundations. This faultless guide is a definite addition to my bookshelf.

K.C. Finn

The Relationship Saver / The Gameless Relationship is a short volume of self-help non-fiction penned by author Radomir Samardzic, which promises, in its own words, ‘A Fast Track Manual for Saving and Repairing Your Relationship’. This dual volume of books focuses on the authenticity of self in relationships and how people can co-exist in relationships without ‘playing games’ or being false to one another, as society seems to dictate. The first volume gives a solid manual of dos and don’ts for success, whilst the second illustrates four solid principles to follow for the so-labeled ‘perfect’ relationship.

With a short reading time, this straight-talking manual does put forward some helpful principles to build the foundation of a good relationship with your partner and move towards repairing the damage that you may have done to one another. The author writes in an engaging style that makes the principles and strategies easy to understand, with organized sections that, though brief, convey an introduction to the different concepts and then suggest how those beliefs and actions can be implemented in daily life. Whilst I felt that the section on the differences in understanding between men and women was under-developed, the other sections have much to offer in their wisdom for relationships, but also for life in general. I particularly enjoyed the section on self-esteem and self-respect. Overall, author Radomir Samardzic has some excellent gems within this short, sharp work, making The Relationship Saver / The Gameless Relationship a solid start to repairing your ways of thinking about relationships in general.