The Seasons of a Giant

Children - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
250 Pages
Reviewed on 04/25/2017
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Author Biography

I began writing at the age of 5 constructing my first book from cardboard and crayons. Although my creation, A Horse Called Nonsense, never became a best seller, I kept writing. When I grew up, I became a mom and teacher who loved sharing new and captivating stories with my students and family. When I’m not writing or reading (Harry Potter and The Hobbit especially) or eating cookies (pass the sugar ones with icing), I enjoy walking and traveling (tickets to Disneyland please).

I’ve authored two books, Dough For It (recipes for slime, gook, and glop using nontraditional ingredients like glue, packing peanuts, and jello) and The Dirty Thirty: 30 Science Experiments to Try in the Tub.

Thank you so much for your interest in my new novel, The Seasons of a Giant! I dreamt about a girl living the good life on a farm until her cows come up missing. She discovers an unlikely thief, a 25 ft. giant. After her botched pursuit, she finds herself transported into the dangerous land of the Behemorphs (shapeshifting giants who live in the SkyWorld above the clouds). I’m so happy to be able to share Izzy’s story with you, and I sincerely hope that you love it. Again, a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for reading!

If you are a writer too, maybe I’ll be reading a book you’ve written someday too!

*Seasons is a Silver Medal Winner through The Mom's Choice Awards!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

The Seasons of a Giant by Pamela Hartley is a children’s fictional fantasy book. This is a book that would appeal most to children and young adults who enjoy fantasy fiction with magic and monsters, and who do not mind a few scary parts. Isabel "Izzy" LaDuke is a girl with more bravery than she knows what to do with, and no magic, no powers, and absolutely no skill with a bow and arrow. When her family’s cows begin disappearing, Izzy decides it is up to her to hunt down the cow-stealing monster thief. However, when Izzy find her monster, she also finds more adventure and danger than she ever expected as she is whisked off her family farm to SkyWorld. SkyWorld is a world that hovers in the clouds and is inhabited by shape shifting Giants and she will have to team with up with her cow thief, known as Boone, if she ever wants to see her home again!

The Seasons of a Giant by Pamela Hartley is a tale of bravery and self-discovery that reminded me of Disney’s BFG movie, but with more action and danger. The beautiful cover is what first attracted me to the book as the cover shows the two main characters. I really liked the twist of Izzy having to team up with the very monster she was hunting. The character interaction between Izzy and Boone was particularly well-written and Pamela Hartley did a great job in allowing the two to learn about each other in a realistic manner without giving the book a slow pace. This is just one of those books that is easy to fall into and fall in love with. I only wish that I could have read this book when I was younger as I would have enjoyed it even more as a child.

Divine Zape

The first disturbing thing they notice is the disappearance of the cows, and while they are trying to understand what is happening, Isabel Margaret LaDuke, the “pretty good deer hunter,” and designer of couture bubble bath fashion goes missing. Then it dawns on them: “Behemorphs are back”! Izzy has been taken by a giant and can she prove her bravery for which she is known? She is now in the territory of the monsters, the giants, the shape-shifting creatures in the heart of the Behemorph Territory. She knows that befriending Boone, the leader of the hideous pack that threatens the life of the Groundlings, her own people, could be the only way to get home alive, but this “befriending” soon becomes an attachment that will be difficult to break away from. Meanwhile, there is a battle raging on between her people and the Behemorphs. Isabel’s heart is torn between returning to fight for her people and staying to save the monster. Can she make the choice that will allow her to connect with the values she’s grown up espousing?

The Seasons of a Giant by Pamela Hartley is a thrilling story, a fantasy with awesome characters and a great plot. This is a story driven by conflict and the conflict is expertly handled, right from the start. From the very beginning of the story, the reader is pulled in with the unsettling feeling that Izzy and her parents experience. The disappearance of the cows seems to trouble them enormously, and the reader gets the feeling that something more sinister is going to happen soon, and it does. Pamela Hartley’s writing is excellent, featuring beautiful passages, great dialogues, and poetry. She is able to create a unique culture for the Groundlings and depicts the perpetual struggle between these people and the Giants in the lore of two races. The Seasons of a Giant is a well-crafted fantasy with lovable and real characters. Great plot, wonderful themes, and a heroine caught in a tight dilemma. It is a fascinating read.

Christian Sia

The Seasons of a Giant by Pamela Hartley is a fascinating fantasy with the potential to keep readers well entertained, the kind of story that arrests the attention of the reader and has it till the end. This is a great read featuring a strong conflict, a wonderful setting, compelling characters, including giants and monsters, and a heroine who is well- imagined and well-executed.

Isabel Margaret LaDuke is known for her exceptional skills; she is a great deer hunter, a courageous teenage girl, and a designer. Her life is disrupted by a “giant” problem. Their cows have been disappearing for some time now, and it seems like her parents talk about it in hushed voices. It’s a bad sign for Izzy who wants to know what is happening. But her curiosity and courage will lead her to the heart of the enemy land, a place of giants and shape-shifting monsters. She has a plan that will enable her to find her way safely back home to her people — conquer the heart of Boone, the monster. This could be an excellent move, but now she begins to like the monster and it’s at a time when her own people badly need her because they are already at war with the Behemorphs.

Pamela Hartley is a mistress in the craft of storytelling and she knows how to make the reader believe in her characters. Her writing was able to excite my imagination in wonderful ways, transporting me into the conflicted heart of the young heroine. I loved the action, the fast-paced plot, the awesome dialogues, the compelling characters, and the wonderful setting. This is fantasy at its best!