The Working Girl's Guiltless Guide to Planning the Perfect Weekend Collapse


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Reviewed on 10/02/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Need a weekend away?  The Working Girl’s Guiltless Guide To Planning The Perfect Weekend Collapse Workbook by Elizabeth S. Barry will help you prepare for the weekend.  

When I plan a weekend getaway or a vacation, I plan what and where I’ll go.  I make sure all work is caught up and the house is spotless.  Everything must be in its place.  I sacrifice sleep, exercise and everything else to prepare to relax.  There seems to be something wrong with this picture!  I’m stressing myself out so that I can relax.  

Barry offers readers a workbook on how to properly plan for a weekend collapse. Why a weekend collapse?  There comes a time when we Superwomen have to recharge our battery.  We need to relax, sleep, and regroup.  A major part of this process is SLEEP!  It must be a top priority.  Get some rest.  Without adequate sleep we cannot think clearly.  Our reaction time is down, we age faster.

When I began reading this book I was thinking of a weekend away to relax.  Barry focuses on a weekend at home.  She stresses being organized.  An organized person has much less stress.  She provides plenty of space to take notes.  If you are still tired at the end of your weekend collapse have another one the next weekend.  Barry writes in an easy to read humorous manner.

I like this book.  If I am home I rarely take time to relax.  I spend long hours working.  Barry's suggestions are fitting.  Turn off the phone, do what will make you feel better.  Perhaps it is organizing a drawer or washing a car or ironing.  Yes ironing.  I get a great sense of satisfaction from ironing.  Barry helps you find the formula that works for you.

This little workbook would make a great gift for your Superwoman.  I can see it now.  A basket filled with lavender scents, a cooling gel mask, bath salts, a couple of favorite magazines and a copy of this workbook would make a terrific gift idea.

rodney perdew

whether you are a desperate housewife, single mom or working in an intact family, there is some usable wisdom in this little gem of easy reading.

Diana Grothe

I have also read this, and it has helped me so much in realizing it is OK to take time out to rest! I highly recommend this entertaining and practical book by Elizabeth Barry, who in her own career has managed to maintain her inward and outward beauty by following her own healthy advice!

Francia Gaunt

Sleep is one of the few necessities in life that is hard to market, hard to sell. Eating is easy to sell, look at the food industry; sex is easy to sell, so is shopping, make-up, haute couture, etc. But sleep and rest, which are essential to our well-being and our ability to continue giving and shining, has not been sexy. That is not until now with Elizabeth Barry's "guiltless Guide." In this short workbook, I found my own power to give myself permission to take care of me. No exercize equippment or apparel needed! This is about closing the door on the demands of life, long enough to reclaim the joy and peace within by simply letting go and claiming the weekend for yourself. Retreat is sweet; get off your feet!