Under The Nail Polish

Romance - Suspense
452 Pages
Reviewed on 10/05/2017
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Author Biography

We all have secrets that we don't want anyone else to know about, but what would happen if one of those secrets were to come out? Would we lose our jobs, our families, or even possibly our life? The concept intrigued me to the point that I began to write about it. And as the words filled the pages, the story took over and seemed to write itself.
As an author of 10 romance novels and 27 children's books, I can honestly say that 'Under The Nail Polish' is the best thing I've ever written. I hope you do, too.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Awesome storytelling, captivating prose, a sensational conflict, and a vivid setting are just some of the elements that make Under the Nail Polish by Tina Griffith a story that will grip readers by their throats and hold them hostage until the last page. It’s a huge success! A story that begins with a curt sentence will take readers on an emotional, romantic ride with well-sculpted characters and through a plot with great intricacies. “Due to the lack of sufficient evidence to rule against you, you are hereby declared innocent in your wife’s unfortunate and untimely death. You are free to go.” Nico and Monica meet under very unusual circumstances. While Monica just needs his help, Nico hopes they could take things beyond whatever brought them together. Things work to plan years later when Monica asks him to join a cruise to Alaska. While on the ship, things change very quickly, with secrets laid bare and a lot of deception coming to the fore. What follows is mind-blowing!

Tina Griffith is a mistress of the art of storytelling, weaving mystery and suspense into a multi generational romance that will have readers gripped by its spell. I enjoyed the strong plot lines, constructed to leave the reader clueless of what could happen next while the suspense keeps them turning pages, worried about the characters. The masterful use of backstory, compelling and naturally-sounding dialogues, and the author’s ability to create powerful imagery with descriptive language are amongst the elements that make Under the Nail Polish a wonderful read. You’ll be entertained and transported to unknown places by this story, thanks to the author’s unique signature for plot and setting.

Arlene Allen

I also want to add a comment. I've read every single book that Tina has put out, and WOW - this one is her best !! This one keeps you on your toes, and makes you think while you're reading. You go through a gauntlet of emotions on these pages, and at some point you realize that you haven't breathed in a while. Oh, and everybody that I've asked, said the same thing - they cried at the ending. How many other books can put you through so much? I ask you.

Tina's books are amazing, but this one is amazing to the max.

Jordyn Jensen

Honestly, I am not quite done reading this yet, but seeing as I'm already hooked within the first few chapters, I felt I had to write a review right now. I love this book. It is truly a great book worth the buy. I personally met the author at a 'Word on the Street' book festival in Lethbridge, in September. She was signing autographs and selling her book, and Shoppers Drug Mart was donating nail polish with every book sold. I got to know her a bit, and the more I heard about the story, the more it awed me. I personally love the metaphor of the title. It is not about nail polish as you might believe, but about what is underneath. The story is really amazing; you have moments of shock, moments of disbelief, moments where you want to throw the book away, but you can't because you haven't finished reading it. It hooks you so quick. It will be 3am soon, but I wish I could stay up and continue reading.