Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders

Paradise Pines

Fiction - Inspirational
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 10/26/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Deborah Stone for Readers' Favorite

Winter Wonder, the fourth book of the Paradise Pine series by Delia Latham, is as enjoyable and compelling as the three preceding books. Paradise Pines is the place that we would all like to visit; peaceful, picturesque and divinely inspiring. Winter is an anchor news reporter for her local television news station. While trying to save time chasing down a story, she takes a small taxi plane piloted by her twin brother, Kai. During the short, routine flight something goes wrong and the plane crashes in a pasture near Paradise Pines. Miss Angie and Brady, one of the local pastors, witness the plane fall from the sky and rush to help if they can. Brady sees the real Miss Angelina Love in a rare moment as she attends to an injured Kai. After their miraculous survival with minimal injuries, their real adventure begins when they become guests of Miss Angie at Paradise Pines. As relationships develop, long hidden secrets are in danger of being exposed. As Winter, whose name is actually Kalani Wonder, begins to question the plans she has made for herself, she may inadvertently and unknowingly unmask and ruin the life of the man she is falling in love with. Is there room for truth and hope in the same situation? Two romances have blossomed in this winter seasonal story. One is kept quiet and one may be the catalyst for destroying many lives. In all of the seemingly chaotic activity, the real goal is that “Their relationship will bring the hidden to light and heal old wounds in both hearts.” Will the truth be enough to heal the past?

Delia Latham presents another lovely and tender romance layered with truth and the inspiration to be all that God has planned for us. As Winter struggles to trust the God that she has never known, she longs for His peace in her frenzied world. Even Brady, a man of God, will need to be reminded to talk to God when his world is in danger of falling down around him. Delia Latham weaves love and romance, truth and trust, God’s Word and His mercy into a beautiful tapestry that allows her readers the opportunity to see the Divine at work in a way that is easy to understand and relate to. A description of her character, Miss Angie, also applies to Delia Latham and her works: “The woman’s genuine love for God and for the Bible radiated from her in near-palpable waves.” Delia’s work always reveals God’s truth in every situation while telling a simple love story with all its passion and tenderness. I also recommend the other books in this series, Spring Raine, Summer Dreams and Autumn Falls. Winter Wonder is a delightful final book to the series. I thoroughly enjoyed them all.