Dyad Quest

By Ann Hinnenkamp

This is the second book in this series. It continues where Dyad Dreams left off except in this installment Jude and Aiden are the lead characters. The Dyads were part of a race of Diarchy. They mixed with the human race to assist in pollution...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Dark Hunger

By Rita Herron

Quinton Valtrez spends his entire life living in solitude, honing his abilities and fighting his demonic powers until he meets Reporter Annabelle Armstrong. It's then that his difficult life becomes even more difficult. His Demonic father sends his minions to make sure that Quinton turns...

Demon’s Hunger

By Eve Silver

In Demon’s Hunger, Vivien Cairn is a forensic anthropologist who has a collection of small bags filled with a variety of bones, known as gris-gris. Not so unusual, considering her occupation. However, strange things begin to happen, but she isn’t ready to see a connection,...