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A Life in the Shadow of the Crown

A Country Girl Empress Novel
By A. Piper Burgi

A Life in the Shadow of the Crown: A Country Girl Empress Novel is a fictional account of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and the early years of her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph. The story begins on the honeymoon of Sisi and Franz. Young and...

The Perpetual Traveler

A Country Girl Empress Novel (Country Girl Empress Series)
By A. Piper Burgi

The Perpetual Traveler is the latest novel in A Country Girl Empress series by A. Piper Burgi. This historical fiction novel continues the story of Sisi, Empress of Austria/Hungary. It is some years after the birth of her youngest child, Marie-Valerie, and many things are...

In the Shadow of Her Majesty

A Tudor Novel
By A. Piper Burgi

On Sunday the 8th day of September in the year of Our Lord 1560, 28-year-old Amy Dudley was found dead at the foot of a staircase at Cumnor Place, a country manor house in Oxfordshire, near the college town of Oxford, England. Since her childless...

Beyond Afghanistan

More Views of a Military Spouse
By A. Piper Burgi

A. Piper Burgi in her book Beyond Afghanistan: More Views of a Military Spouse describes what it is like to have your spouse not only deploy but then return to an uncertain future. This book starts with right after Christmas, which is about a month...

My Afghanistan Campaign Diary

Views of a Military Spouse
By A. Piper Burgi

In My Afghanistan Campaign Diary: Views of a Military Spouse, A. Piper Burgi wrote a day-to-day diary of her thoughts, experiences, and emotions as she and her husband, Kenneth, prepared for and experienced his third deployment to Afghanistan. The diary covers pre-deployment (November 18, 2011...

The Country Girl Empress

By A. Piper Burgi

The Country Girl Empress tells of the early days of Princess Elisabeth, daughter of Duke Max in Bavaria, called Sisi within the family. We follow her story from birth to the day she married Franz Joseph, son of Archduchess Sophie of Austria and her feeble-minded...

Living with Canine Epilepsy

By A. Piper Burgi

I once had a dog that I rescued from a shelter at the age of seven that had epilepsy, which is one reason I chose to read and review this book. I researched a great deal about canine epilepsy after his adoption to be prepared...