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Ripples in the Generations

A Generational Saga that Continues Down the Ages
By Joyce K. Gatschenberger

Ripples in the Generations by Joyce K Gatschenberger is a tale of betrayal and deceit. Dove-Whispering and Dacia meet during a high school science class and immediately become friends as they work together on a DNA project for an upcoming science fair. The results of...

Lines of Listening

An Expose' of Generational Child Abuse and Marital Betrayal
By Joyce K. Gatschenberger

Lines of Listening: A Memoir of Generational Child Abuse and Marital Betrayal by Joyce K. Gatschenberger is a brilliant story of a “dysfunctional family” of abuse in its multifaceted forms. In the author’s own words, it’s “an account of how I became aware of the...

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