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USS Specter

By Sissy Marlyn

I was eager to read this book. I think it is because I am a military brat and wanted to be drawn back into that life.....and what an interesting "life" this was! This author has a great skill at penning a different, yet capturing, read!...

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A Killer's Mind

By Sissy Marlyn

There's a serial killer on the loose in Tennessee. When Scott Arnold gets the call about a grisly murder committed in Hendersonville, Tennessee, he immediately knows it's connected to the murders that took place in his hometown of Louisville, Ky. The murder victims included his...

Jury Pool

Summons to Die
By Sissy Marlyn

A woman is handcuffed to a railroad track and is killed by a train. In succession, a young man and a young woman are horribly murdered and mutilated. Finally, another man is found slain in a hotel room, also disfigured. What do all these deaths...


By Sissy Marlyn

The setting is 1980s Hollywood. Our heroine is Elizabeth Warren a young woman from Kentucky. She had two dreams in life: to become a talented actress, marry a man she truly loves and to raise a family. Her two dreams seem contradictory to each...