10 Pages to Change Your Life

10 Pages to Change Your Life

Wake Up

Non-Fiction - Self Help
30 Pages
Reviewed on 05/06/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite

This non-fiction, motivational book, 10 Pages to Change Your Life: Wake Up is written by Millar K. As children, we are taught to have dreams, and to reach for them until we attain them. As we grow older, we become complacent and lose sight of that which was once so important to us. Reclaiming our dreams, goals and our lives is essential in becoming all that we can be. Millar K. shows us how it is possible to do just that, unlocking our true potential and changing the way we look at our lives, learning to believe in ourselves ... and making way for a better tomorrow.

The positive mantras used in Millar K’s book are uplifting and inspiring. Each one encourages the reader to take back the strength and determination which they once had as a child, while believing in what could possibly be, if you put your mind to it. Millar K.'s 10 Pages to Change Your Life: Wake Up carries a very strong message, with its aim in bringing the reader out of their go-with-the-flow way of life, and remembering the dreams that they once had as a child. I very much believe in each of the mantras contained in Millar K’s uplifting book, which have not only changed my way of thinking, but have also renewed my passion for the hopes and dreams that I once had. This is a short read which I recommend to all readers over the age of 15 years, in the hopes that they, too, will re-awaken that which they once believed was possible and can, again, be within their reach.