A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred

Young Adult - Adventure
335 Pages
Reviewed on 09/26/2023
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Author Biography

Claire Merchant is an Australian author and storyteller. She is best known for her collection of fantasy, contemporary, and romance novels set in fictional South Coast. In 2019, Claire won ‘Top Female Author’ in the Fantasy and Romance categories as voted by The Authors Show.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Demetria Head for Readers' Favorite

A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred by Claire Merchant is an exhilarating YA adventure novel that embarks on a thrilling journey with its seventeen-year-old protagonist, Corey, as she grapples with questions of identity, purpose, and the allure of the open sea. Set against a vivid backdrop of pirate life, this story introduces readers to a captivating world of adventure, mystery, and self-discovery. Corey, a young woman who has honed her skills to become a remarkable pirate, serves under a respected captain and holds a position of trust and authority among the crew. Despite her contentment, a lingering sense of incompleteness tugs at her heart. Readers are invited into Corey's world as she struggles with inner conflict and her yearning for something more significant than the life she leads on the high seas. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Corey encounters two enigmatic figures—Sebastian and a Sea Maiden. Their arrival introduces an element of mystery and romance that adds depth to Corey's character and the overall storyline. As the story unfolds, Corey grapples with questions about her true identity and the role she's destined to play in a world teeming with secrets.

Claire Merchant delivers a compelling and beautifully crafted tale that expertly balances the elements of adventure, self-discovery, and romance. She skillfully transports readers into a world filled with salty sea air, swashbuckling escapades, and the lure of the unknown. Corey's character is not just a typical pirate; she's a complex and relatable young woman on a quest for answers about her destiny. What makes this novel stand out is its ability to resonate with young adult readers who are navigating their own journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. Corey's struggles, her courage, and her determination to uncover her true calling will undoubtedly strike a chord with readers who seek inspiration and adventure in their own lives. A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred delivers a spellbinding adventure that captivates the imagination and tugs at the heartstrings. It's a compelling coming-of-age story that invites readers to explore the depths of identity and the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the horizon. With its richly developed characters and a plot brimming with intrigue, this novel is a must-read for young adult fans who crave a gripping, multifaceted adventure that promises both thrills and self-discovery. Claire Merchant has created a mesmerizing tale that leaves a lasting impression, reminding us all that the greatest adventures often begin with a single question: "Who am I meant to be?"