A Minor Detour

A Minor Detour

A Millennial's Journey to Pay Off Her Student Loans (Modern Trilogy Book 2)

Fiction - New Adult
120 Pages
Reviewed on 08/02/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

A Minor Detour: A Millennial's Journey to Pay Off Her Student Loans: Modern Trilogy, Book 2 is a literary fiction novel for new adults written by L.B. Lewis. Cristian’s offer of a job and free housing in Madrid seemed the perfect answer to Sierra’s need to cleanse her psychic palate of the cloying presence of hipsters and the other cool people living and working in San Francisco. Being a part of Cristian’s startup company, ParaLlevar, had promise -- as did Sierra’s daydreams about having a relationship with him. They had seemed to have an attraction for each other and a compatibility that seemed promising and what she was looking for. Sadly, for most of her young adult life, Sierra never did have time to really consider what she was looking for. Would it happen in Madrid? Was it what she really wanted? As she traveled, she visualized meeting Cristian at the airport, seeing him waiting there for her, sweeping her off in his luxury car and celebrating her arrival with a lavish meal at a trendy restaurant.

But it hadn’t turned out that way at all. Cristian did meet her, but he seemed subdued and distant in his welcome, and he drove her straight to the tiny studio apartment she would occupy. When Sierra heard Cristian refer to her as an intern, which seemed rather insulting to someone with an MBA, and she endured a strangely grotesque and unsatisfying attempt at romance from him, she realized that Madrid and Cristian were not the future she had anticipated. All she had to do now was to figure out her next step.

I had a grand time reading the first book in this series, The Right of Way, and had been looking forward to reading about Sierra’s further adventures. A Minor Detour is a worthy successor to that debut work. The more I read about Lewis’s engaging Millennial hero, the more admiration I had for this stalwart, plucky and infinitely adaptable character. Seeing Madrid, interacting with the staff at ParaLlevar and viewing the infinitely disappointing Cristian through her eyes is a hoot and a half, but the serious themes pervading this and the previous book are even more compelling. As I read, I felt for this young woman whose compulsion to follow a “success script” is sapping the magic from her life. Watching as Sierra learns to adapt her strategies for the future was inspiring, and I found myself unwilling to stop reading this engaging novel until I had finished it. A Minor Detour: A Millennial's Journey to Pay Off Her Student Loans: Modern Trilogy, Book 2 is most highly recommended.