A Trick of Fate

Brandon Brothers - Max

Romance - Historical
345 Pages
Reviewed on 11/03/2019
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Author Biography

Readers' Favorite 2019 Gold Medallist for CADENZA and five times a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree, Stella Riley trained as a teacher in London and now lives in Kent. She enjoys theatre, reading, travel and playing the harpsichord. She is fascinated by the English Civil Wars and has written six books set in that period. She likes men with long hair and her current passion is for Baroque music.

The 6 book Rockliffe series (recommended in The Times newspaper!) is also available in audio, narrated by Alex Wyndham. And now, Brandon Brothers Book One - A TRICK OF FATE.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers' Favorite

A Trick of Fate by Stella Riley will delight its readers as Lord Max Brandon and Lady Frances Pendleton trek through the country, all the way to Scotland, following the scoundrel who has slandered his name and stole her grandfather’s watch. A note in one town, a glimpse of him at the market, and Max is beside himself with frustration. Adding to his annoyance is now an old flame who thinks ill of Max and his character when this unknown scoundrel says he is Lord Brandon. Max asks himself if he will ever find the elusive rogue or if he will ever get the answers as to why he lost the love of his life. Max never expected the turn of events when he finally gets to his destination.
Stella Riley not only fascinates us with the whirl of events Max and Frances face while reuniting, but she also sets up her characters in the continuation of the Brandon Brothers series. You will meet the artist, Leo, and the elusive Adam and their unique personalities and charms that could easily enhance more novels. I love how Stella Riley creates aberrant plots that outshine your typical historical romance novel. Her vibrant descriptions bring her characters, events, and adventurous expedition alive. I have a vivid picture of Max haggling in the market over a parrot, Frances dancing in the streets to a fiddle, and the hideous painting of Mr. Ramsey. While Stella Riley excels in writing a captivating historical romance, you will find she accommodates her audience by making her books available in many formats and audiobooks.