A Voter's Journey

Non-Fiction - Gov/Politics
400 Pages
Reviewed on 12/11/2014
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Author Biography

Bill Lewers was raised on Long Island, just outside the New York City limits. He received B.A. degrees from Rutgers (mathematics) and the University of Maryland (history) and a MAT degree from Harvard (math education). He taught mathematics in Port Washington, New York and Wallingford, Vermont before commencing a career with IBM.

Bill is an avid baseball fan and his life-long devotion to the Boston Red Sox is chronicled in his first book, "Six Decades of Baseball: A Personal Narrative". This was followed by "A Voter’s Journey" which is the story of one ordinary voter’s attempt to make sense out of the American political system.

Bill lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife, Mary and two sons, Mark and John.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

A Voter’s Journey by Bill Lewers is politics through the eyes of someone like you and me. It’s the personal journey of Mr. Lewers through the world of voting and how the voters themselves are a large part of the system, helping to shape the future as much as the politicians. Bill Lewers leads you through voting in the '50s where the Republicans were seen as the good guys. On to the '60s when politics was a little heated to say the least. Letters from politicians in the '70s reveal an eye-opening look inside the life of a politician and some of the players we have always seen as perhaps not as important take center stage for a while. Read about elections, about how the politicians deal in the run-up to one and about how the voter is brought into play. Learn about ballots, single and multiple, and the part they play. Most of all, learn about democracy, about your role as a voter and how your decision affects the future.

A Voter’s Journey by Bill Lewers was quite an intriguing read. I tend to steer clear of politics where I can, mainly because I don’t understand most of it, but this is kind of an eye-opener. It’s a personal journey that Mr. Lewers is kind enough to take us all on and it’s one that every voter who doesn’t know why they vote or what it’s all about should read. I like to read real stories, books that are built on personal experience. I find myself doing a lot of head shaking, nodding and perhaps a little laughter here and there and that’s how A Voter’s Journey got me. We may live and vote in different countries, but his book just brings it home that politics is politics and elections are elections - no matter where you are in the world. Very good book and very well written as well.

Maria Beltran

Bill Lewers’ non-fiction book, A Voter's Journey, talks about the electoral process, one of the significant characteristics of a democratic form of government as seen through the eyes of an ordinary citizen. It encompasses a lifetime starting in the 1950s when the narrator first became aware of the elections through his parents’ political leanings. It then follows his life journey and all the US elections that he has taken part in. A Republican by “birth”, he became a Democrat by choice and he follows the rise and fall of notable Republicans and Democrats, past and present. He served as an election officer and gets a closer look at the electoral process up until the last US presidential elections in 2012. In the meantime, he got married, had two sons, and retired. Eventually he migrates back to the Republican party.

A Voter’s Journey talks about politics, but not in the style that most of us are accustomed to. Author Bill Lewers does not claim to be a political scholar or analyst, but his book is certainly an eye opener for anyone interested in politics, specifically in the US elections. As an ordinary citizen, he has been voting for decades and is obviously fascinated by it. A self-proclaimed political junkie, his book is about elections and his struggle to make sense out of them all. This is the reason why it should appeal to all of us who have participated in this democratic exercise at one time or another. An easy to read book, this is one take on politics that is surprisingly enjoyable precisely because there is no attempt to sound scholarly or academic. It simply tells about an enthusiastic voter’s journey and this is perhaps what election should mean to anyone of us who believes in the democratic form of government.

Kathryn Bennett

A Voter's Journey by Bill Lewers is a book about elections, lots and lots of elections. Political books are a dime a dozen these days, but within the pages of this book you find a long look at politics and elections through the eyes of a regular voter, a man who has been voting for decades and who wanted to share his view on what those years of voting has shown him about the political machine. Bill believes that voters are just as important to the tapestry of politics as the officeholders, pundits, and political operatives. Follow a tale that takes you through a Fifties upbringing and through a myriad of political ups and downs from the viewpoint of someone who is just like us.

I admit that I tend to be more of a bystander when it comes to politics. I will check out the issues before elections and I do vote, but besides that I feel like I am just a “part time” politics person. This book has shed new light on the whole machine for me, and makes me want to get out and do more when it comes to voting and everything to do with politics. Bill Lewers has such a unique and engaging way to tell his story that you can't help but feel the need to participate more. The story is well written and creative; it has a flow to it and really makes you think about the impact you have put into our political agenda. It is so easy to feel like your vote means nothing, but this story allows you to step outside of that and see that you can do things and your vote really does matter. To anyone who is even a little bit interested in politics, I would recommend this easy and interesting read.