Absolute Vengeance

Absolute Vengeance

The Alex Shepherd Story

Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
285 Pages
Reviewed on 07/16/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorite

What happens when an ordinary, small-town cop witnesses his beloved wife and daughter ruthlessly murdered, along with a school bus full of little kids? In C.W. Lemoine’s Absolute Vengeance, it sends Swat Team Leader Alex Shepherd on a mission of 'Absolute Vengeance' to Iraq and Syria to wipe out the murdering terrorists who organised and orchestrated the heinous attack on his family and the small town’s children. Alex Shepherd has a death wish! He believes he failed miserably in his one role in life; to protect and cherish his wife, his daughter and the small town he is sworn to serve. He should have died along with the rest of them, but he didn’t; and now all that consumes him is a quest for vengeance.

I really enjoyed the fast-paced nature of this book. Although it is not for the squeamish, it examines our motivations for life. Alex is a character who is consumed by hatred and the desire to die and be with his family. He discovers, when he reaches Syria, that his unique desire for retribution is not as unique as he first thought. His encounters with the local Kurdish militia show him the pain and suffering that a people torn apart by violence and war go through. I felt the author brought these feelings of pain, suffering, and guilt alive for the reader exceptionally well. Absolute Vengeance is a well-written, well-researched war thriller dealing in the area of Special Forces and ex-Special Forces. For readers of the thriller genre, this book will be an absolute winner. It is a fine effort from C.W. Lemoine and I suspect we will hear much more in the future about Alex Shepherd, aka Wolf. Great job by the author.