Novel of a Serial Killer

Fiction - Intrigue
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Reviewed on 07/11/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

<p>The setting is Savannah Georgia.  There is a serial killer on the loose.  Petra wonders what it would be like to know a serial killer.  She gets that opportunity when he selects her as his next victim.  However, he is intrigued by her and spares her life.  He wants to bond with her.  He plans to use her as an accomplice.</p>
<p>The vivid characters make this book.  Petra is a disillusioned young woman.  She is a product of her childhood.  This book’s focus is on the relationship between Petra and David.  Their relationship is an odd one.  Afinidad  has much violence however, it is necessary to carry the plot.  
Afinidad is well written.  Kerri Louise Thomas is a talented author.  She is gifted in character development.   I will be watching for more of her work.</p>
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C Keppler

By C. S. Keppler - See all my reviews

Kerri Louise Thomas's novel about a serial killer operating in and around Savannah, Georgia, is really beautifully written. The prose flows like honey and her descriptions of place make you feel like you're there. The main female character, Petra, is a very disillusioned young woman who no longer believes in justice or fair play in life. They say you get what you are looking for and what she finds is David, a serial killer who also doesn't believe in those things. There's some pretty violent scenes in this book but they are not gratuitous; they're there because they have to be in order to tell the story, and the story, in my opinion, is about the effect that Petra and David have on each other. That's why the book title refers to the bond between these two.
There are some real nail biting scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. My favorite is in chapter four when the two come together the first time, but the final scene that features David comes a close second. Then there's the one where David and Petra are poised to kill together for the first time. Will she or won't she? Good stuff.
Like another reviewer of this book, I enjoyed the references to the author's own country and the character, Petra's friend, Terri (Kerri with a T?) is from there. The author having a bit of fun there? She also clearly loves literature because there are a lot of references to classic works when Petra, who works in the publishing industry, exchanges quotes with a colleague from their favorite books.
I really recommend this book. It's a great read.


By Melem - See all my reviews

I recommend Afinidad, particularly those who enjoy this genre. This novel is a good mix of fiction with reference to current events. I enjoyed the inculsion of relevant news events such as the reaction of the characters to the tension between Iraq and the United States.

The part of the book I enjoyed the most was watching Petra's understanding of human nature grow. Her experience at a refuge strengthened her ability to understand why people behave differently in certain situations, and enabled her to look ahead to her own future.

Overall I liked the use of a variety of language and how the pace and tone changed fluidly. One such example was Petra's negative experience with her friend Cherie. As a reader I felt as deflated as she did, but in the same moment I laughed out loud when I read of Cherie literally "spinning on her heels".

This is a great read - you'll be hooked from the first chapter.


By Shorty - See all my reviews

I read this book here in New Zealand not long after getting back from a holiday in Savannah,Georgia,(part of the reason I picked it up)and Kerri Thomas has done a great job with the setting.By the end of the second chapter you have gotten to know the two main characters reasonably well and through the course of the story I found myself feeling quite sorry for David the killer.It moves along at a good pace but also takes the time to give the reader a feel for the locations.No shortage of suspense throughout the novel. The ending is a real surprise but very beleivable, I'm sure it has been left open for a sequel.I hope so!!
Without giving any of the story away,I feel the reader will understand how a killer such as David can have an influence on Petra in assisting him in his killings such is the way Kerri Thomas builds her story to this point.A rewarding read.


By Dennis Batchelder (Bellevue, WA USA) - See all my reviews

Kerri Thomas's novel AFINIDAD begins and ends with Petra, the product of a loveless childhood and a rotten boss. She is the almost-victim of David, the Savannah serial killer who's feeding his dementia by killing, raping, and de-feminizing young ladies. We follow Petra through the violent beginning and ending of her abusive love relationship with David. The books is told mostly from the points of view of Petra, David, and Frank, the detective out to catch David.

AFINIDAD combines a 19th century character-study of David and Petra with a 21st century graphic rendering of David's killings. Both Petra and David are portrayed with good and evil sides. Thomas provides detailed descriptions about gardens, the publishing business, and she drops bits of trivia of Savannah and New Zealand, and tossed in some of her political views as well.

I enjoyed seeing how Thomas, a New Zealander, viewed American culture. The dialog has a distinct southern-hemisphere ring to it, and although this jars with my own experiences in the south, it was pleasing in its approach.